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Sun Apr 9 17:41:00 EDT 1995

N6TR Wrote:

>My prediction is that if we start complaning a lot to the ARRL or CQ about
>contest problems, it will just push them towards eliminating contests.

>They get a lot of heat already from non contesters, and if they start
>getting a lot of heat from contesters, the easy decision is to just get
>rid of the contest, and all of the heat will go away.

>We need to solve these problems without escalating them too far.

>Tree N6TR
>tree at

One way to handle these "problem" children is to keep a "personal contest 
blacklist". Very few contests are won and lost by 5 or 10 contacts. So if 
"you" dont work these handful of poor sports you are only out 5 or 10 Q's. 
However if enough of us get fed up with them they can be out a couple of 
hundred Q's and a few multipliers..and that my friend will be enough to cost 
them a contest or frustarting!!!

I am not advocating public listings of these black lists..that only serves to 
fuel useless debate about why or why not somebody should oe should not be on a 
black list.  

To paraphrase from the environmentalist's game book....

       "Act locally and impact em globally".

Wouldn't it be funny if you spent all that money for all those computers, 
towers and HF rigs and everybody refused to work you....

Think about it.....

n0dh at

>From Wirzenius Jari <HATJWI at>  Mon Apr 10 16:08:00 1995
From: Wirzenius Jari <HATJWI at> (Wirzenius Jari)
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 95 08:08:00 PDT
Subject: DX at UNBC.EDU DX Forum Help
Message-ID: <2F894A0F at>

Send a message to dx-request at with the word '  subscribe DX ' in the 

And please sign with your internet address here in cq-contest and dx-forum. 
My software Microsoft Mail Ver. 3.2 cannot tell me the original sender. Now 
I will have to waste bandwidth here  on reflector.Sorry.

73's Jari

A message from K0BX:

> Does anyone out there know the correct way to 'subscribe'
> to the DX at UNBC.EDU DX Forum??
> Do I even have to correct address?

>From becker at (Celia and Tony Becker)  Mon Apr 10 04:06:44 1995
From: becker at (Celia and Tony Becker) (Celia and Tony Becker)
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 1995 20:06:44 -0700
Subject: SprINT Score, AE0M
Message-ID: <199504100306.UAA19291 at>

                  INTERNET SPRINT CONTEST -- APRIL 1995
Callsign: AE0M
   BAND     QSO 
    40       36      Delta Loop @ 8'
    20       21      Gnd Plane @ 8' or Attic Dipole
  -----    -----
   All       57 
Power: 150 W
RIG: FT-990, FL7000 & 486DX2-66 MHz running N6TRLog ver. 
QXQ: Porr propagation made this a frustrating one.  
Max. rate was a lousy 20/hr on 20m, improving to 37 on 40m.  
I gotta put up a better antenna for 20m.
AE0M, Tony Becker - becker at - Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

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