WD5N - GridLoc Score

WD5N%mimi at magic.itg.ti.com WD5N%mimi at magic.itg.ti.com
Mon Apr 10 12:33:19 EDT 1995

From: wd5n at msg.ti.com
Subject: WD5N - GridLoc Score
Single Op, CW only, Grid EM10.
QSO = 1     GRID = 1     SCORE = 1
Rig: TS-690S   Ant: A4S w/40M up 48'
Scenario: Had to attend AMTA conference all day Saturday.  Got home late and
tired.  Turned on rig and tuned 40M CW & SSB & 80M CW for about 10 minutes,
heard only WN3K so worked him.  Called a few CQ's.  Nada.  Turned off rig.
73, Dave Harper WD5Nebulous    <wd5n at msg.ti.com>

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