K1YRP, Poisson d'Avril Contest

Bobgarceau at aol.com Bobgarceau at aol.com
Fri Apr 14 20:32:32 EDT 1995

The entry deadline is April 15.  Hope I am not late. I just got back from Ft.
Collins, Colorado.  I was one of the finalist being interviewed to be the new
disk jockey for  WWV. If I get the job, millions of people throughout the
world will be listening to my "big show".  

My contest score for the 42nd Poisson d'Avril Contest is as follows:

My contest exchange included 2 hours of O.J. watching time, plus or minus 2
hours for napping. 

My category was one transmitter, 150 watts output, with no antenna.  However,
I did have a ground, so I don't know if that might lead to disqualification.

I operated for the full 4 hours and 6 minutes, with not break.  

My score:  2,314,222
Contacts:  842
Mults:  6  (Ct. Ct. Ct. Ct. Ct. and Tenn.)
highlights:  worked Elvis in Tenn. on groundwave 80mtrs
Comments: Sorry I did not work any of the big guns like W1WEF, K1DG, K1ZZ,
W1AF  etc. I just could not hear them.

Bob. K1YRP      

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