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Sun Apr 16 17:25:36 EDT 1995

If you don't want the hassle of building an interface but want to save a few
bucks, the MFJ 5338 (?) works well for about $45-50. It uses the computer's
port for power and is just looks like a port cable with a DBM-25 plug on one
end and the appropriate radio connector on the other. They come in Icom,
Kenwood and Yaesu versions. Although there are different versions, they all
have the same innards and the instruction sheet shows how to rewire the board
for other radio types. 
J-Com (Ramsey Electronics) also sells the same thing, but their prices are
higher -- I think $60.

Randy, W8FN
W8FN at

>From George Cook <george at>  Sun Apr 16 21:36:57 1995
From: George Cook <george at> (George Cook)
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 1995 16:36:57 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Squint results
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950416163532.968A-100000 at>

CONTEST LOG FOR Squint Kids Sprint - Apr-15-1995                          

TIME FREQ/MODE    CALL       SENT          RCVD               NEW MLT.   
1805 14.0/SSB KR2Q        10 Purple     blue-samantha/7/nj    samantha 
1806 14.0/SSB KR2Q        10 Purple     black-dana/5/nj       dana/5/n 
1821 14.0/SSB N5LFI       10 Purple     blue-mike/tx/33       mike/tx/ 
1828 14.0/SSB AA7BG       10 Purple     -maty/8/mt            maty/8/m 
1829 14.0/SSB AA7BG       10 Purple     green-ann/6/mt        ann/6/mt 
1830 14.0/SSB AA7BG       10 Purple     pink-jenna/3/mt       jenna/3/ 
1851 14.0/SSB NQ0I        10 Purple     blue-Michelle/9/co    Michelle 
                                        Diaper Bounus __1____ __10___ 10
                                        T O T A L S : ___7___ ___7___ 49
                                        total claimed score           59
==== LOG-EQF (C) 1994 

Catagory   Single kid assisted
Ops        Danielle and Pop
Rig        Kenwood 930 s
Antennae   Quaggi
Power      120 watts
Snacks     Coke & Cookies (and one piece of Easter candy mom didn't see 
1  Dannielle saying of NQ0I I'm gonna nail that one!
2  Learning the new phonetic Bravelle
3  New picture for QSL card
4  When D found out that this was a stateside only contest she said "But 
   wanna work DX!"
5  Hearing my kid shout my call like a true contester right down to the 
   second "JAPAN UNITED" in a pile up sneer and all!
Low Lights
1  That darn noise from the power line is back
2  Morons on 14.300
3  Morons on 14.300
4  The diaper P U!
5  Can I please use MY RADIO now??
6  Not long enough
7  Did I mention the morons on 14.300???
Looking forward
Danielle informs me that she will be ready for here tech test in about
a month and plans on trying for her 20 wpm code by summers end that way she
can be controll op if her sister (age 14) wants to be in Squint next
year.  Then she got popped by the older sister for saying it!!!
Methinks we've created a monster!
Thanks Gang it was a blast and to all the contactees look for the new
QSL card with me and D on it in about 3 weeks.

* George Cook   AA3JU  Bangor, PA  FN21         *
* george at  AA3JU at N3IQD.EPA.USA.NA *
* If you're not FRC remember:...............    *
* .......There's no shame in being 2nd best!    *

>From barry at (Barry Kutner)  Sun Apr 16 21:24:20 1995
From: barry at (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 95 20:24:20 GMT
Subject: Wet coax
Message-ID: <031N4c1w165w at>

Hi Gang - Was adding the I.C.E. grounding block (the one where you open 
an inch of outer jacket, and the block fits around the coax) to the base 
of the tower and had the heartbreak of water dripping out of one of my 
coax lines.
The question is... Assuming I can find the leak and fix it, is the coax 
shot or might it still be OK? The shield looked kinda oxidized, but not 
corroded, moldy, etc.


Barry N. Kutner, W2UP       Usenet/Internet: barry at
Newtown, PA                 Packet Radio: W2UP @ WB3JOE.#EPA.PA.USA.NA
                            Packet Cluster: W2UP >K2TW (FRC)

>From Pete Stafford <mxyztplk at>  Sun Apr 16 22:43:56 1995
From: Pete Stafford <mxyztplk at> (Pete Stafford)
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 1995 17:43:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: SquINT
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9504161715.E12776-0100000 at>

I guess I have to blame myself.  I missed the boat by not getting my kids 
into radio earlier, and trying to get a 14 year old to call CQ Squint was 
like pulling teeth.

I got three Q's out of him, thanks Andrew(K0OD), Steve(KB5WSJ 40years 
old), and Mattie(AA7BG).  

Looks like 'ol dad will have to go it alone.  Don't anyone THINK about us 
having another one!

73 de Pete, K2PS

>From Ken Wells, V73C" <v73c at  Sun Apr 16 22:47:40 1995
From: Ken Wells, V73C" <v73c at (Ken Wells, V73C)
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 1995 11:47:40 -1000 (HST)
Subject: Missed the boat
Message-ID: <Pine.BSI.3.91.950416114432.17939I-100000 at>

Chelsea and I missed the SquINT contest. It seems like 1800 UTC is just a 
bit early. We did not make it down to the club station as that is 0600 
local time on Kwaj. Maybe next year.


>From ng0x at (David Curtis)  Sun Apr 16 23:45:27 1995
From: ng0x at (David Curtis) (David Curtis)
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 1995 15:45:27 -0700
Subject: GridLoc de NG0X
Message-ID: <199504162245.PAA26678 at>

GridLoc de NG0X
Grid: CM87

        Q's  Mult's
40SSB   5      4  (one Q with no grid)
40CW    1      1
        6  x   5  = 30

Since I only had a couple of hours for the contest, I got a very 
late start.  It only took a few minutes to work out the band, and 
things were very quiet after that.  I think everyone else had given
up by the time I got on.  The CW QSO was so weak, I think
we completed on ESP as much as anything else.

73, Dave NG0X

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