JPontek at aol.com JPontek at aol.com
Wed Apr 19 00:24:38 EDT 1995

OK, folks!  With all our kids grown, I thought I was out of this rat race,
but I have 8 grandkids, which Beverly says love to come running into the ole'
farm house hollerin'  "Juliet PaPa" ! Can I run Multi/Single in this event?
 Geez, do you know how much Kool-Aid and cake this is going to cost me?
 Then, they'll want me to take them on a fishing trip after the SQint!  Well,
couldn't get any of the kids licensed, maybe the grandkids will shame their
folks into it and I can start my own M/M.......boy, those boys do like to
climb things,......Hmmmmm?  You all maybe on to things!  Opppps! Here comes
Beverly.....better put this into the "Send Later" file so she won't see the
"Grandkids" and "Tower Climbing" in the same paragraph!

73, K8Joe"Palooka"
jpontek at aol.com

Opps! Bev saw it.........Well, I'll hire the climbing if they can operate all

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