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Hmmmmm???  I can't fit Dits into D***s.  Some folk just haven't figured out
why DXpeditions/operators use different schemes to thin callers out while
keeping "Up the Rate".  The objective should be, and usually is, to provide a
means for the operator at the other end a means to keep his rate up and
unique numbers and code words/phrases have been used for many, many years.
The only trick about this is to LISTEN, LISTEN, and LISTEN some more,.....then
 call when you think you have it figured out.

An old trick is to tape record the DXpedition and listen to the tape after
you have finished the fray.   Boy, I learned a lot about my mistakes, like I
didn't hear that then!"

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On Tue, 18 Apr 1995 ehayes at VNET.IBM.COM wrote:

> First, thanks to all that responded to my query on the various
> interfaces.  I am waiting on some of those I contacted for
> info on their specific products.  In the meantime, I built the
> one described in the Feb. '93 QST.  Works like a champ!!  But...
> I don't care for having the additional power supply to run it.

The biggest advantage in using a separate supply is that you further
isolate the radio from the computer.  The big advantage in using the above
named circuit is the opto-couplers taht are used on all the data lines. 
By powering the interface from the computer, you are negating their
purpose.  I use a simple wall cube to power mine, it works great!

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