GridLoc Claimed Scores

Robert Barron barron at
Wed Apr 19 10:47:24 EDT 1995

Here is the first list of high claimed scores for GridLoc 1995.
Scores continue to trickle in though nothing from outside the
U.S. so far.  Conditions being what they were we need all of the
log entries we can get.  Please send your score in!

High Claimed Scores For GridLoc '95

Call    QSOs  Grids    Score     Operators
----    ----  -----    -----     ---------

Single Op Mixed Mode

K4XU    149    111     16539
N3BB    105     65      6825      WB5VZL
N7LOX    19     12       228
WA8LLY   13     10       130
K8HVT     9      9        81
NG0X      6      5        30

Single Op CW Only

N4OGW   114     78      8892
W3GOI    41     32      1312
WD5N      1      1         1

Single Op Phone Only

KA5WSS  418    154     64372
K2PS    175    119     20825
KB1GW   140     73     10220

Multi Op

KK5GJ   291    113     32883    KK5GJ, KB5YVT
WD0T     95     59      5606    WD0T, KB0QVP

Please send logs to geoiii at or via mail to
       P.O. Box 180703
       Austin, TX 78718-0703



Robert Barron, KA5WSS                 barron at
Liant Software Corporation            Hook 'Em Horns!

>From k3lr <k3lr at>  Wed Apr 19 16:15:52 1995
From: k3lr <k3lr at> (k3lr)
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 1995 11:15:52 -0400
Subject: DAYTON 95
Message-ID: <199504191515.LAA17923 at>

I think contesters will be interested in this speaker line up 
for the 1995 Dayton Antenna Forum.
Friday 1 PM  to 4:45 PM  Room 5
Moderator: Tim Duffy K3LR
"Techniques for Locating and Solving AC Power Line Interference"
Dr. Richard Adler, K3CXZ
"Applications of NEC Models in Real World Situations" 
Dr. James Breakall, WA3FET and Tim Duffy, K3LR
"Long Distance Low Frequency Propagation Applications During Low 
Sun Spot Activity"
Frank Donovan, W3LPL
"An Overview of NEC-WIN, NEC Based Windows Modeling Software"
Todd Erdley
"Antenna Construction Note Book"
John Sluymer, VE3EJ
The 3rd Annual Dayton Contest Dinner reservation department has
been busy during the last few days.  Here are a few of the operators
that have signed up recently: K3ZO, AA2DU, AA0RS (G3SZA), W0UN,
K1DG, K1EA and WZ1R.
If you want to go to the dinner, and haven't signed up, send E-MAIL
to me and we'll work something out.
By the way, where is "Mr. I Love Dayton", K1ZX?  He has not signed up!
Several companies that sell to contesters have contributed prizes.
If you know of a company that would like to help with prizes for
this dinner, please have them contact me via E-MAIL or Phone
CU in Dayton,
Tim K3LR
k3lr at

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