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Wed Apr 19 13:06:15 EDT 1995

As I understand it, there exists a "guest operating" station set
up in Macao that might be located in a hotel over there.

As I will be going in and out of Hong Kong on several occasions
during the next 45 days, or so, on trips to BY, and knowing that I
will find myself with free time, some of which can be manipulated

Does this guest station at XX9 really exist ?

Is it possible to gain access to same.
How do I get access to same.
What licensing pre-arrangements are necessary.

What is the hotel name where the station is located so I can
arrange to actually stay there during a part of my trip.

Will anyone over in that area of the world who might be reading
this message have any possibility of meeting myself so as to
exchange international eyeball hellos and a cold beer... or two,
or three cold beers ?

73, TNX,

N5RP, Bob
Houston, Texas
Email: perring at icsi.net

>From k3lr <k3lr at telerama.lm.com>  Wed Apr 19 18:58:37 1995
From: k3lr <k3lr at telerama.lm.com> (k3lr)
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 1995 13:58:37 -0400
Subject: More Dayton
Message-ID: <199504191758.NAA19454 at india.lm.com>

Due to the many requests I received for more information, 
I am posting the date and time for the Contest Dinner at Dayton.
North Coast Contesters,  Frankford Radio Club and other contest
clubs will host the "3RD ANNUAL CONTEST BANQUET" on Saturday Night,
April 29, 1995 at the Stouffer Center Hotel.  Dinner is at 
6:30 PM. Seating is limited.  
There will be a special dinner speaker, prizes and new entrants 
will be inducted into the CQ CONTEST HALL OF FAME.
Tim K3LR
K3LR at telerama.lm.com

>From N6MM/W6BAB" <HDHETLAND at paccd.cc.ca.us  Wed Apr 19 04:02:45 1995
From: N6MM/W6BAB" <HDHETLAND at paccd.cc.ca.us (N6MM/W6BAB)
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 1995 19:02:45 PST
Subject: Bouvet Split Technique
Message-ID: <76C6F1C3213 at manage.paccd.cc.ca.us>

> Ethics, schmethics...if you don't listen to the DX station and follow
> their instructions (even somewhat cryptic instructions) then I'd say your
> chances are pretty slim, regardless.  It was a fairly clever solution to
> some astounding pileups and separated the sheep from the goats rather quickly.
> The most important part of any DXer's station is the EARS!
> 73, Ward N0AX
Such techniques have been used for years.  Several years back when 
K5VT was in Africa and operating 10m cw he sent "UP 50"  with the 
zero being sent as a slightly elongated dash.  The bulk of the masses 
called up 5 kHz, but the deserving called up 50 kHz and got in the 
log.  I see nothing unethical about such practices that separate the 
callers according to their operating ability.  - Harvey, N6MM

>From scott at 6.microbbs.us.com (Scott Lieberman)  Wed Apr 19 18:46:10 1995
From: scott at 6.microbbs.us.com (Scott Lieberman) (Scott Lieberman)
Date: 19 Apr 95 09:46:10 -0800
Subject: Bouvet Split Technique
Message-ID: <21d_9504191200 at microbbs.us.com>

>My favorite trick is something I heard F2CW doing on one of those crazy
>trips like 3Y0PI.  Perhaps it had been done before, but it was my first
>time to hear it.  At the end of every fifth QSO or so he would say

>        3Y0PI UP 2  S I X T Y  T H R E E

>and while all the lids were calling UP 2, you could get him on the first
>or second call on 063.  And if too many people found him on 063, he 
>would listen on some other frequency, like S E V E N T Y  T W O.

If you REALLY have to thin down a pile-up, you could always encrypt your
listening frequency with PGP.

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