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KA9FOX at aol.com KA9FOX at aol.com
Thu Apr 20 22:44:01 EDT 1995

I was recently given the responsibility of creating my company's local Web
home page.  Since I didn't know one bit of HTML coding, I got a book and
began reading.  To test my newly acquired HTML skills, I created my own
personal web page!

Temporarily, the address is   http://www.infoanalytic.com/ka9fox/
This address WILL change in the future.

I'll be improving the pages as I learn more about HTML, but I thought some of
the things I've put on it would be of interest to some of you:

- pictures of recent contest expeditions
- pictures of stations and ops in those areas
- picture of me and my new fiance, Laurie (OK, so that isn't THAT
- links to some cool ham-related stuff on the web:
     * QSL info look-ups
     * Callsign look-ups
     * Contest Dxpedition Registry
     * OH2BUA Packet Cluster
     * Radio Mod Files
     * FCC Part 97 Ham regs
     * ARRL, TDXS and more...

All pictures are compressed .JPG images, so they download pretty quickly! -
hope your browser allows them.  BTW, I highly recommend Netscape.  I heard
recently that 70% of web users are now using it.  AOL users:  You will have
Web browsing capability in May.

Drop me a note if something doesn't work or if you have any suggestions for
improving it.  There is an easy way to send me e-mail from within the web
page.  Again, I'll be continuing to improve it as time allows (which lately I
haven't had much of!!!).  I'd really like to put more picture on-line.  For
now, there are just a few.

73 Scott KA9FOX
ka9fox at aol.com or
ka9fox at lacrescent.polaristel.net

>From thehalls at ix.netcom.com (Eric Hall)  Fri Apr 21 03:00:29 1995
From: thehalls at ix.netcom.com (Eric Hall) (Eric Hall)
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 1995 19:00:29 -0700
Subject: Utah Contesters?
Message-ID: <199504210200.TAA12892 at ix3.ix.netcom.com>

Hello fellow contesters,

Well I have a possible job opening in Salt Lake City, UTAH!

How is the contest community out in thar woods?

Will operating on contest sunday's affect the Mormon churches?

Climate seems to be like Chicago (XYL was looking for warmer temps...)

Any input is most welcome...UT would be better than IL in SS at least!

Thanks, Eric WD9GGY (W7???...) thehalls at ix.netcom.com

>From James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com>  Fri Apr 21 03:03:00 1995
From: James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com> (James White)
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 95 21:03 EST
Subject: de: Mr. I Love Dayton
Message-ID: <95950421020359/0006492564PK2EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

K3LR de K1ZX

Yes, "Mr. I Love Dayton" is an accurate description of how I feel about the
Hamvention, thank you GQ Duffy....

With the spirit more than willing, but the wallet more than empty alas I
must pass on my favorite contest weekend. Yes, I treat Dayton as I would a
Contest weekend, after all, you are awake for too many hours talking with
other hams, it MUST be a contest!

With our new contest club out of the blocks in its first Sweepstakes placing
in the top-ten of Medium class clubs at number 9, my capturing a new South
Florida SS CW record breaking 200K, the W1CW multi-single station winning
the WPX-CW as WC4E, well heah yeah I think this would have been a good year
to go to the Hamvention and gloat (or at least blow my horn!)....  

...but, I guess I'll have to settle for airing my contesting pleasure here
on the contest reflector :-)

DON'T KNOW, it is not a question:

                GO, DAMNIT!

                        As Beavis and Butthead would say, Dayton is
cool...yeah, yeah...Dayton is cool!

I hope to rejoin the masses in '96, I gather that things will be moving to
May...that is a full month after I will have to pay Uncle Sam again, which
looks like a much better date structure to me!

I am sorry to miss the antenna and contest forums, as well as the contest
dinner and of course the BS sessions with the best hams anywhere! I hope
that K3LR will obtain some sort of a treanscript of K3WW's talk - this is of
special interest to me these days. 

FLASH-THIS JUST IN....While you party a hidden objective is underway...W1CW
has procured some more Rohn 55 ;-) :=) ;-> ....and soon tower #3 @ W1CW will
be born.  So, next weekend when y'all are partying down in Dayton - know
that I will be working to ensure my "stories" for Dayton '96 will be "bigger
and better"...besides, by next year I'll have a new call........

                k1zx-----------HUH, DID IT, DONE IT



                                        Jim, K1ZX    k1zx at mcimail.com

>From Bruce Strong <hs0zbo at sura1.sut.ac.th>  Fri Apr 21 10:13:00 1995
From: Bruce Strong <hs0zbo at sura1.sut.ac.th> (Bruce Strong)
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 1995 16:13:00 +0700 (GMT)
Subject: 2nd followup on QST delivery times
Message-ID: <Pine.ISC.3.90.950421160905.15102E-100000 at sura1.sut.ac.th>

On Thu, 20 Apr 1995, Bill Turner W7LZP wrote:

> On my first followup, I asked Ms. Jahnke (QST circulation manager) whether
> subscribers had the option of paying for first class mail delivery of QST.
> Here is her reply:
> A one year membership with receipt of QST via first class mail is $65.00. 
> (snip)
> So it is an option.  Personally, I guess I'll stick with 2nd class and spend
> the difference on ham goodies.
> 73, W7LZP
> wrt at eskimo.com  (Bill Turner)

  My brother has a life membership and when he moved to Thailand they
charged him $12 per year extra ($1 per month for those of you in Rio
Linda :-) ) for surface delivery to Thailand.  He gets his QST in just
2-3 months!  I get World Radio and they did not charge me any extra
to change from continental US to Thailand, and it still takes 2-3
months!  Just received Feb. issue of World Radio last week.

  I'm not real sure what this has to do with contesting but, I do
look at the contest results in both magazines!


>From R.SCHREIBMAIER" <bob at mtdcr.mt.att.com  Fri Apr 21 04:57:11 1995
From: R.SCHREIBMAIER" <bob at mtdcr.mt.att.com (R.SCHREIBMAIER)
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 1995 23:57:11 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: ARRL contest scores online
Message-ID: <9504210357.AA27180 at mtdcr.mt.att.com>

> The only practical solution to this is a high claimed scores list of the 
> top 20, 50, (pick a number) in each category.  This would make sure the 
> top scores were received and correctly entered in the database.
> It's easy to complain about the way the log checking is handled if you 
> have never done it yourself, or you haven't seen what is involved.  The 
> more I work with these guys, the more I see the amount of work they are 
> doing.  Logs are being checked!  There just needs to be some work on the 
> internal data handling and verification procedures.

Yes, indeed, it is easy to complain.  However, that is not germane.
The fact is that we need a reliable method to correct errors BEFORE
those errors become the official results!  The high claimed scores list
that you suggested above sounds like a good thing to try.

In general, I think the log checkers do an excellent job, one for which
they are rarely, if ever, thanked.  Having said that, I point out that
everybody makes errors.  That's part of being human.  That's not the
problem.  The problem is that, currently, there is no reliable way to
correct those errors before it's too late to correct them.  Once they
are published, it is too late.

Bob K2PH

--------------------  \-\-\-\  ----------------------------
| Bob Schreibmaier K2PH  | UUCP:     ...!att!mtdcr!bob    |
| AT&T Bell Laboratories | Internet: bob at mtdcr.mt.att.com |
| Middletown, N.J. 07748 | ICBM:     40o21'N, 74o8'W      |

>From John C. Goller" <0007490835 at mcimail.com  Fri Apr 21 05:13:00 1995
From: John C. Goller" <0007490835 at mcimail.com (John C. Goller)
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 95 23:13 EST
Subject: CATV fittings
Message-ID: <95950421041359/0007490835PJ3EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

To K4XU Dick and others...oops made 2 mistakes in CATV to PL259's
#1. they are not SO-239's...they are BARRELLs or pl-258's...also
the Hardware Store brass fitting is 1/2" female pipe to 1/2" copper
pipe.....the O.D. of the 1/2" pipe is 3/4" and will screw onto the 3/4"
CATV jacket.....sorry for the confusion...de JOHN K9UWA
k9uwa at mcimail.com

>From Wirzenius Jari <HATJWI at HATMAIL.HATFI1.msgw.kone.com>  Fri Apr 21 16:27:00 1995
From: Wirzenius Jari <HATJWI at HATMAIL.HATFI1.msgw.kone.com> (Wirzenius Jari)
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 95 08:27:00 PDT
Subject: Bouvet Split Technique and ethics
Message-ID: <2F97CF19 at msgw.kone.com>

N0AX wrote:
>The irritation comes, I believe, from DX activity on channels that usually
>are more or less pileup-free; above 14275, say.  So if a bunch of DXers
>just pounce on 290, regardless of who might be there, it can be a serious
>pain to the other users.  This is the DX station's fault - he or she
>should have listened to find a clear frequency first, not just blindly
>choose a spot.  It's also the responsibility of the callers not to QRM a
>busy frequency!
Just to remind you that in ARRL recommendations it is pointed out that no 
one in the DX-pile-up should call on top of existing QSO. The recommendation 
also asks you to check your transmission frequency before you push the PTT 
and start transmission, to avoid transmit on top of an other QSO.

I read the recommendations so that the existing QSO means either a (split) 
QSO between the DX-station and a DXer or a QSO which just happens to be 
going on, on DX-stations listening bandwidth.

Like Ward earlier wrote that he spends more time on listening than on 
transmit - it is good practice. Don't push PTT, if you don't know what is 
going on - listen first what is happening.

I am not sure if this kind of discussion is valid in contest forum, it 
belongs more on the dx-reflector.

73 de jari
OH2BVE at kone.com

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