Publication of Corrections, Summary

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Fri Apr 21 18:04:51 EDT 1995

Thanks to everyone who replied to my question about when, where and how
corrections should be published.  

At first the consensus said they would like to see their corrections
published ASAP (if / when they had / have any mistakes or lost logs), then
Trey said it should be done with the following years results citing:

    > The advantage is that whenever someone wants 
    >  to compile historical information, they only have
    >  to look in the May (or whatever) issues for the past
    >  n years to get *all* the results. 

Then the majority said "why not do both?"   I think they should be published
ASAP.  But to satisfy those who are interested in compiling historical info,
I think QST and CQ (and whoever) should continue to publish corrections with
the following years results.  I personally do not pay much attention to those
little footnotes.

Sure looks like I started a topic that really needed to be discussed, as
witnessed by all the postings here.  There have been  many excellent ideas as
far as ways to prevent mistakes in the future, publishing preliminary results
is a great idea, but may be too difficult.... results being pushed to the
following month....  I don't know how difficult since I know nothing about
publishing.  If that is too difficult,  how about this....  

Why not have one of the contest people at both major magazines make available
via email, or however (open for discussion),  a list of CALL SIGNS that will
be included with the official results,  listed by categories, in alphabetical
order, not in order of highest score first.  This way, everyone can at least
find out whether he/she will be included with the official results, and that
they're in the proper category, but not where they stand.  They will have to
wait for the official results to come out for that.  Then, for those who do
not have this capability, various contest or DX clubs can pick out the calls
of people in their club from the "official list" and publish those calls in
their own club newsletter.  If someone's call is missing from the list,
corrections should be made.  

This brings up another topic of when the "official list" should be made
available, which can be another topic of discussion.  And it does not address
the issue of fouled up scores, but at least one knows he/she will have their
log listed in the official results in the correct category.

Just a thought.

Paul  WX9E

P.S.  I got a nice letter from NF1J (vis US mail).  My Sweepstakes phone log
has been located, but still no sign of my IARU log.

>From lvn at (Larry Novak)  Fri Apr 21 22:06:14 1995
From: lvn at (Larry Novak) (Larry Novak)
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 95 17:06:14 EDT
Subject: Contest Registry: Periodic Posting
Message-ID: <9504212106.AA08864 at>

Sorry to get this out so late in the week, but we're moving this weekend
and I wanted to get it out.  If you have email for me, please wait
until Monday or Tuesday to give things a chance to settle.

73, Larry

CQ Contest DXpedition Registry.
Updated April 20, 1995
This is a listing of planned contest Dxpeditions. If you have additions
or corrections, please email to lnovak at or via packet to K3TLX.
73, Larry, K3TLX
Contest          Location    Who/email              Status 
CQ WPX CW/95     EA8         EA1AK/8 etal           unconfirmed

CQ WPX CW/95     VP9         Dave, WJ2O             High probability.
                             WJ2O at
CQ WPX CW/95     ZF2NE       Joe, W5ASP             Confirmed
                             via Joe, <71045.2632 at>

IARU/95          TF          Dave, WJ2O             50-50 chance.
                             WJ2O at

IARU/95          VP2MDE      Dave, K5GN & Bob, N5DU Confirmed M/S
                             DKMC at

IOTA SSB/CW/95   V7A         Ken, V73C              OC028 (QSL N4GAK)
                             v73c at

WAE CW/95        VP2MGA      Bill, K5GN             Very Iffy
                             via Joe, <71045.2632 at>

CQWW SSB/95      FP          WA2VUY and NO2R        Planned
                             from WA2VUY/packet

CQWW SSB/95      FP          Gary, K9GS etal        Confirmed  M/M
                             garyk9gs at

CQWW SSB/95      HC8         N6KT                   Reserved
                             via GARLOUGH at TGV.COM

CQWW SSB/95      KH0AM       Tack, JE1CKA/KH0AM     M/M @ Diamond hotel
                             je1cka at

CQWW SSB/95      PJ7         Warren, WB1HHB         Planned SOLP
                             wrothberg at mv.MV.COM

CQWW SSB/95      V26B        AB2E etal              Planned M/M
                             via AB2E/packet

CQWW SSB/95      V7X         Ken, V73C              M/S (QSL KH6HH)
                             v73c at

CQWW SSB/95      VE2/Zone 2  WB2K
                             wb2k at

CQWW SSB/95      VP5         Red, K0LUZ etal        Planned M/S
                             Hamk0luz at

CQWW ???/95      FG          JF2DQJ/KI6FE etal   Planned M/S
                             76353.2760 at

CQWW CW/95       HC8         WN4KKN                 Reserved
                             GARLOUGH at TGV.COM

CQWW CW/95       J3          Dave, WJ2O             Thinking about it. 
                             WJ2O at

CQWW CW/95       KH0AM       Tack, JE1CKA/KH0AM     M/M @ Diamond hotel
                             je1cka at

CQWW CW/95       VP2EFO      K8MFO (QSL via W8TPS)  Confirmed  SOAB 
                             via gooster at

CQWW CW/95       VP2MDE      Armadillo Contest Group Confirmed M/S 
                             via Joe, <71045.2632 at>

CQ 160 SSB/96    KP2         Larry, KE2VB           Planned
                             readerl at

ARRL DX CW/96    ???         Ken, K0PP              Reserved
                             k0pp at

ARRL DX CW/96    VP5/        Joe, W5ASP             Confirmed  @ VP5JM
                             via Joe, <71045.2632 at>

ARRL DX SSB/96   KP2         Larry, KE2VB           Planned
                             readerl at

WAE CW/96        VP2MGA      Bill, K5GN             Probable     
                             via Joe, <71045.2632 at>

CQWW CW/96       ??          Larry, K3TLX           
                             Still looking for the gala 50 birthday QTH.

Victor Burns says "V31DX and "the Country of Belize" is occupied for an
indeterminate number of years." (vburns at

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>From Paperman, W. David" <wpaperman at  Sat Apr 22 00:35:00 1995
From: Paperman, W. David" <wpaperman at (Paperman, W. David)
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 95 16:35:00 PDT
Subject: IOTA CONTEST 1995
Message-ID: <2F9833A8 at>

Once again the intrepid team from the Squiredom of Ant-Hill will sally forth 
to NA-092, Mustang Island (Texas West Group) to do battle in the 1995 IOTA 
contest, under the most arduous of conditions...toes curling in the sand, 
surf a scant few yards away and strive for QSO points and mults, despite the 
many distractions ...make that ...attractions of a Texas beach in the 
simmer...ooops...summertime. G5RV at 40Ft. 3 El. tribander at 30 Ft. plus 
some antenna tricks that, IF they work we will crow about them....if not...? 
All Icom gear...725 and IC2KL with AT500  antenna matching unit.
THE Team....Charley Frost (K5LBU); Mike Walker (KG5CM); Dave Paperman, 
PLEASE WORK US......WQ5Y/p.....NA-092.....MUSTANG ISLAND...I've got to use 
up the rest of the cards I had printed last year!!
73, Dave, WQ5Y
P.S. Opening exists for a CW Operator for this contest D-Xpedition. Free 
food (if you can take the cooking) and free phlebotomy ( the latest medical 
" IN " thing )by the local  mosquitos.
Internet address...wpaperman at

>From John Pescatore <jpescato at>  Fri Apr 21 22:48:39 1995
From: John Pescatore <jpescato at> (John Pescatore)
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 1995 17:48:39 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: ARRL contest scores online
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9504211738.B21775-9100000 at>

How 'bout asking ARRL to set up a reflector or something where we don't
have to call in to it long distance -- sorry, was there an 800# -- if so,
I whipped by it too quick --.  Some of us (me at least) are under
instructions from the YL to keep the LD calls down to a minimum -- we're
on tight budgets.  If the ARRL traffic came in mixed with my CR traffic
that would be just fine.

(Rich Boyd KE3Q)

>From Floydjr <floydjr at>  Fri Apr 21 23:03:00 1995
From: Floydjr <floydjr at> (Floydjr)
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 1995 18:03:00 -0400 (EDT)
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Date: Fri, 21 Apr 1995 12:47:45 -0400 (EDT)
From: Floydjr <floydjr at>
To: at
Subject: WPX Revised
Message-Id: <Pine.SUN.3.90.950421123724.28464B-100000 at>
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This is only my opinion but since I am not sure how to send it directly 
to CQ I though I would throw it out for a jump ball here.

The main thing I do not like about WPX is the fact that NA contacts count 
for nothing except Multis. I am sure the rules were written before all 
the new calls in the US. I believe it is called World Prefix and I think 
the US is part of the world. Basically there are about 320 different 
countries which is a base figure for prefixes. I do realize special calls 
and variations of calls adds up also. Does anyone have a figure on how 
many different prefixes there are in the US as compared to the rest of 
the world? You might be surprised. 

To prove my point I took my Sweepstakes SSB Low Power logs and ran them 
back through CT in the WPX contest. I made 775 contacts in the contest. I 
know you are aware they are all NA contacts. I had 249 differnet prefixed 
just in the NA. This year in WPX in SSB L/P also I had 398. I believe 
this situation needs to be looked at by the contest committee. 

I also believe no matter what the contest every contact should count for 
something if nothing but one or two points. I believe this would generate 
more contesters also. With the sunspots dropping fast we as contesters 
are going to have to come with ideas to make contesting better or just 
set around and wait. 

As I said this is only my opinion and I would like any comments on it. If 
you want to flame me thats fine to. I am a retired firefighter and am use 
to being in the heat. If anyone knows how to get this info to CQ except 
by mailing I would like to know. I have all ARRL E-mail address but 
nothing for CQ.

73's JIM // WA4ZXA

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