perring at ICSI.Net perring at ICSI.Net
Fri Apr 21 18:42:40 EDT 1995

I am hoping to be able to put the XX9 station on the air that has
been set up over there by Martti Laine.

The dates of my "free" time in that part of the world are somewhat
up in the air at this early date, but, from what I know now, the
time frame for my having a chance of getting RF off of an antenna
should be the window of May 17 thru May 22.

The posting of this "notice" might be somewhat premature, but
there may be some difficulty in my gaining access to the internet
for a more accurate operating time announcement, as each day

A more timely and accurate announcement of my getting on the air
will most likely have to be made from others, here in Houston, on
my behalf, as my "anticipated" dates more closely slide into
"actual" dates.

N5RP, Bob
Houston, Texas
Email: perring at icsi.net

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