perring at ICSI.Net perring at ICSI.Net
Fri Apr 21 18:43:20 EDT 1995

Before I just turn these rooms loose to just the undeserving
public, I thought I would broadcast availability to the elite.

For Dallas HAM-COM, I have two adjoining rooms which I will gladly
give up, in any combination of nights, or quantity, to whomever
might desire same.

The rooms are exactly at the convention center up on the concierge
levels of the hotel (South Marriott Arlington, Texas)

The rooms are the same rate as the HAM-COM "special price" of
$139.00 per night, and include, I believe, complimentary drinks in
the evening, as well complimentary breakfasts in the morning. (But
don't positively commit me to these amenities, nor will I call the
hotel to confirm same)

The rooms were reserved back on January 16, 1995, and may
cancelled up until 24 hours prior to reservation dates.

Rooms are reserved for June 9 and June 10.
Let me know if you might want one, or both, of these rooms.
Hearing nothing by April 26, 1995, I will cancel the reservations.


N5RP, Bob
Houston, Texas
Email: perring at icsi.net

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