WPX Contest rules

Sean E. Kutzko tigger at prairienet.org
Fri Apr 21 19:27:13 EDT 1995

>The main thing I do not like about WPX is the fact that NA contacts count 
>for nothing except Multis. I am sure the rules were written before all 
>the new calls in the US. I believe it is called World Prefix and I think 
>the US is part of the world. Basically there are about 320 different 
>countries which is a base figure for prefixes. I do realize special calls 
>and variations of calls adds up also. Does anyone have a figure on how 
>many different prefixes there are in the US as compared to the rest of 
>the world? You might be surprised. 

I don't think the contest rules should be altered to allow points for 
US->US QSO's. Here's why:

1) The premise is to work international QSO's. Therefore, it seems 
reasonable to not allow points for a QSO within your own country. 
Remember, everybody else has the same problem; we have more hams than, 
say, France, but that's wherethe same continent/differect country rule 
comes in.

2) Realize also that JA has the same "problem" USA folks do...lots of hams, 
quite a few prefixes. 

3) The main high population centers in the world-- USA, Europe, and Asia--
all have lots of different juicy prefixes. If you can manage a run to one 
of the main population centers that isn't your own, you can rack up 
points AND multi's. But you still need to work your own area for all the 
other prefixes for the mults.

I think this is a very long-winded way of saying that the situation is 
not unique to the US.

>I also believe no matter what the contest every contact should count for 
>something if nothing but one or two points. I believe this would generate 
>more contesters also. With the sunspots dropping fast we as contesters 
>are going to have to come with ideas to make contesting better or just 
>set around and wait. 

If the contest is geared toward working DX, why should contacts with your 
own country be rewarded?

I agree that some general restructuring is in order, and I freely admit to 
not having the answers, but I don't think 1 point for EVERY QSO is the 



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