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Sat Apr 22 10:36:55 EDT 1995

Regarding CATV connectors, I prefer to use the pin type CATV connectors to
get a good, tight fit without damaging the hardline.  As described before,
clamp onto the outer sheath and center conductor, have o-ring seals, etc. and
have a long
center pin extension with an outer thread that just happens to fit a female
"B" body N
connector (I think it fits the male as well).   So the only trick is cutting
the pin to the right
length, soldering the center "pin" to the CATV connector pin, and then just
screw the N body
onto the pin connector body!  This gives you a very sexy fuss,
no muss...just
a bit more expensive.
     You should have the appropriate coring tool for your cable...this removes
the foam inside
the end of the cable very cleanly, which is necessary for a CATV connector.
They arent
terribly expensive.
     A 3/4" connector done this way will run you about 8 bucks or so for the
pin connector and
maybe another 4 or 5 for the B body N connector.  Larger or uncommon sizes of
cable are
more expensive...I've got some 1.16" stuff that the connectors cost like $25 a
     Also keep in mind that you can splice CATV cable as well using
commercially available
splices...figure on spending about the cost of 2 pin connectors (almost
double) for a splice,
but again, armed with the coring tool, these are EASY to put on.  No
     I know some people balk at spending even this kind of money for
connectors, but compare
it to Andrews connectors...and you probably got the cable for free!  I'd go
broke running new
50 ohm next tower will be 500' feet away from the shack.  That
would be thousands
of dollars for new 7/8"...I'll do it with 1.16" CATV for about $100 bucks in

CU at Dayton!  73, Tyler KF3P

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