Get off them rocks!

Sean E. Kutzko tigger at
Sat Apr 22 15:22:48 EDT 1995

>The W1AW bulletin said in part:
>" Rocks which cannot sustain human habitation shall not be
>considered for DXCC country status."
>This would seem to include Peter I and Heard Island among others.  As far as
>I know, no humans have ever "lived" there.  "Vacationing" for a few days
>doesn't seem to quite fit the definition, does it?
>73, W7LZP
>wrt at  (Bill Turner)

According to Webster's dictionary:

"Sustain: 1) To keep in existence: MAINTAIN"

With that definition, 3Y0PI and BS7H wouldn't qualify, as well as a 
couple other DXpedition and CONTEST sites.

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>From John L. Rouse" <jrouse at  Sat Apr 22 21:26:13 1995
From: John L. Rouse" <jrouse at (John L. Rouse)
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 1995 16:26:13 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Better late than never!
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 This morning's mail yielded the certificate for first place Anguilla --
1992 CQ WW RTTY contest (VP2EE)...It's nice to see it arrive, and surely

73, John KA3DBN/VP2EBN.

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>From wrt at (Bill Turner  W7LZP)  Sat Apr 22 21:40:11 1995
From: wrt at (Bill Turner  W7LZP) (Bill Turner  W7LZP)
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 1995 20:40:11 +0000
Subject: AOL loses major points
Message-ID: <199504222041.AA27666 at>

>dsnow at (dave snow) writes:
>Actually, you just need to heat up the label with a blowdryer and it'll come
>right off.  My wife works at the disk duplicating plant where all those AOL
>freebie disks are made, and that's what they do with bad ones.
So there you are, guys - right from the source.  Thanks!

One gentleman suggested that I insert the floppy in the drive, squirt about
a gallon of gas in the slot and ignite it.  While clearly effective, this
proved to have some unfortunate side effects, and was finally discontinued
at the request of the local authorities.  :-)

73, W7LZP
wrt at  (Bill Turner)

>From John-Warren at (John Warren, NT5C)  Sat Apr 22 22:04:51 1995
From: John-Warren at (John Warren, NT5C) (John Warren, NT5C)
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 1995 16:04:51 -0500
Subject: ARRL contest scores online
Message-ID: <1413555847-42512346 at BANJO.EASY.COM>

  |Obviously a Democrat! Rich - if ARRL puts in an 800 number who do you
  |think pays for it? The masses that don't use it.
  |Here's one vote against.
  |Barry N. Kutner, W2UP       Usenet/Internet: barry at
  |Newtown, PA                 Packet Radio: W2UP @ WB3JOE.#EPA.PA.USA.NA
  |                            Packet Cluster: W2UP >K2TW (FRC)

In fact Barry, I think it's wrong that the ARRL wastes our money installing
ANY telephones, when probably only 50% of the membership ever uses them.
And it's nothing short of disgraceful that they provide Internet access for
the specially privileged (presumably all Democrats).

Onward to '96 - 1896!
                                         John,  NT5C.

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