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Mon Apr 24 23:19:03 EDT 1995

Sorry for the waste of bandwidth.  Who was the 5 land station that was trying
to relinquish rooms for Ham-Com?

In the interest of keeping the word contest in every message I'll tell you
that I can't wait 'til then next contest.

73 es CUL, Dave, WJ2O

>From Kenji Tokunaga <tokunaga at qnes.nec.co.jp>  Tue Apr 25 05:05:15 1995
From: Kenji Tokunaga <tokunaga at qnes.nec.co.jp> (Kenji Tokunaga)
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 13:05:15 +900
Subject: abt KLM
Message-ID: <9504250405.AA00369 at q2322.si.qnes.nec.co.jp>

 Hello contesters.

 I'm very interested in KLM's products(Antennas).
 Any one know KLM's address ?? I want to contact to sales division in KLM.

 thanks  de JA6QJG "Ken"




>From Kenji Tokunaga <tokunaga at qnes.nec.co.jp>  Tue Apr 25 07:15:47 1995
From: Kenji Tokunaga <tokunaga at qnes.nec.co.jp> (Kenji Tokunaga)
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 15:15:47 +900
Subject: thanks "re:abt KLM"
Message-ID: <9504250615.AA00374 at q2322.si.qnes.nec.co.jp>

 Hi! contesters.

 Thanks you for many QUICK responses to my question about KLM .

 I have copyed it's address certainly. I'll try to contact with KLM.

 With my appreciation for your kindness.

  de JA6QJG "Ken"




>From bill at tenet.edu (Bill Parry)  Tue Apr 25 14:39:00 1995
From: bill at tenet.edu (Bill Parry) (Bill Parry)
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 08:39 CDT
Subject: 6D2X @ the WEB
Message-ID: <m0s3kqK-000ZiGC at postoffice.smu.edu>

A web page for 6D2X is currently up at:


If you have the new version of Netscape Version 1.1b3, you will find it much
superior to the older versions. It has been available for about a month from
Netscape (for free). This site will look much better with the new version.

The site is not finished. The gifs of the station and the contest results
will be forthcoming. We might even include a gif of the enormous bass from
Sugar Lake.

Bill Parry, W5VX                                  e-mail       bill at tenet.edu 
SBDM/Administrator Training                office:       (210) 383-5611
Education Service Center, Region 1       home       (210) 686-1639         
1900 West Schunior,                            fax           (210) 381-8412
Edinburg, TX   78539

>From gclark at cel.cummins.com (Clark)  Tue Apr 25 14:08:03 1995
From: gclark at cel.cummins.com (Clark) (Clark)
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 08:08:03 EST
Subject: SquINT Contest Participants
Message-ID: <9504251308.AA13263 at cel.cummins.com>

The following is a list of participants from the second running of the
SquINT Kids Contest.  For those who participated, please review the 
information and send corrections to the below address.

gclark at cel.cummins.com

N7ENU     ALEX           8    BLUE      OR
K0EJ      RYAN           8    RED       TN
K0EJ      MEAGAN         11   BLUE      TN
WA6KUI    AMY            9    PINK      TN
WD7ACX    SHANNON        3    RED       OR
NQ0I      SARAH          7    PINK      CO
K0OD      ANDY           10   GREEN     MO
AA7BG     MATTIE         8    BLUE      MT
AA7BG     AARON          6    PINK      MT
AA7BG     JENNA          3    ORANGE    MT
N6TR      THERESA        4    PINK      OR
N9HZQ     SARAH          11   PURPLE    GA
KR4YL     KAREN          13   GREEN     FL
KO9Y      ALYSSA         5    PINK      IN
N6IP      SARAH          3    GREEN     CA
N6VI/KH6  ERIC           4    BLUE      HI
N7CW      SCOTT          10   BLUE      CA
KA6BIM    DOUG           8    BLUE      CA
WS1A      GWEN           4    GREEN     NH
K2PS      JOSH           14   ORANGE    NJ
WA3RHW    LYNDSEY        10   PURPLE    NJ
N1JBD     CHELSIE        5    PURPLE    ME
K1VR      ANNIE          11   NEON      MA
K1CC      ADAM           11   GREEN     CT
WA7FOE    GENTRY         6    PINK      WA
KR2Q      SAMANTHA       7    BLUE      NJ
KR2Q      DANA           5    BLACK     NJ
KD2TT     KYLE           8    BLUE      NY
AA5BT     LINDSEY        10   ORANGE    TX
WO0J      MARISA         9    MARISA    CO
NI6I      SARA           9    PURPLE    CA
WA2LCC    ALEX           8    RED       NY
WA2LCC    SARA           4    YELLOW    NY
WB0YFL    DANIEL         10   RED       IA
AB6RA     MARK           8    GREEN     CA
WB4IUX    RICKY          10   RED       SC
WB4IUX    ASHLEY         7    ORANGE    SC
AA3JU     DANNIELLE      10   PURPLE    PA
AA2IX     ACE            8    GREEN     NY
NI6R      MICHAEL        8    BLUE      CA
NI6R      SARA           9    PURPLE    CA
N9VMR     SUSAN          8    PINK      IL
KM3T      OSCAR          8    GREEN     MA
KD1NG     DOUG           9    GREEN     RI
ND3F      ADAM           10   ORANGE    MD
NQ0I      MICHELLE       9    BLUE      CO
NT2V      STEPHEN        6    GREEN     NJ
N3KTV     JENNIFER       6    PINK      MD
N3KTV     STEPHAN        8    BLUE      MD
N2ALE/6   MIKE           9    GOLD      CA
N2ALE/6   STAN           9    GREEN     CA
K5ZD      BETH           5    RED       TX
AA0WO     CARRIE         9    BLUE      IA
AA0WO     SEAN           6    RED       IA
WO1N      CHRISTINA      9    PINK      MA
KM2L      JOE            12   GREEN     NY
WJ2O      CAROLYN        10   PURPLE    NY

>From Keith Morehouse-WB9TIY <blckhole at ripco.com>  Tue Apr 25 16:43:46 1995
From: Keith Morehouse-WB9TIY <blckhole at ripco.com> (Keith Morehouse-WB9TIY)
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 10:43:46 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Dayton Hamvention SMC contest suite
Message-ID: <Pine.SV4.3.91.950425103625.2328A-100000 at foley.ripco.com>


ROOM 1201

Friday and Saturday evening from 8pm until ??
Hosted by Gary - W9XT, Bruce - WW1M & the 

Join us for refreshments, entertainment & contest talk.
See what its like to contest from THE BLACK HOLE !

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