Mass QSO Party 1995 May 6 and 7th

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Wed Apr 26 22:27:04 EDT 1995

I would like to invite you all to participate in this years QSO Party and
also to submit logs. The event has not yet reached the heights of the
California QSO Party ( Californian wine is considered by many to be superior
to the east coast version), but we would like to see the event grow. Who
knows, perhaps we could have cranberry product prizes next year. 

A  number of groups will be operating from portable locations including
Nantucket , Dukes and Franklin County. We believe that all14 Massachusetts
 counties will be active during the event, hopefully allowing you to work
them all and qualify for a Worked All Mass certificate !!!!!

CUL  Martin  W1/G4DZC                              

                                    Massachusetts QSO Party 1995

1800Z Sat May 6 to 0400Z Sun May 7 and 1100Z to 2100Z Sun May 7.

The 1995 Mass QSO Party is organized by the Framingham Amateur Radio
Association and sponsored by CEMARC and ARCWM.

Classes: Outside MA, MA single op, MA multi op, MA portable, MA team (5 MA
single ops), MA Nov/Tech, MA Club 

Exchange:  RS(T) and QTH (State/Province/DXCC Country/MA County)

Scoring : Count 1 point for Phone and 2 for CW/Digital/Video.  Multipliers
are MA counties (max 14 per band), (plus States+Provinces+ DXCC Countries per
band for Massachusetts stations).

Scoring : Final score is total QSO points times total multipliers

Frequencies: Any authorized amateur band except 10, 18 and 24 MHz

CW - 1810, 3550, 7050, 14050, 21050 and 28050. SSB - 1850, 3890, 7290, 14270,
21390, 28390. Novices - 3705, 7130, 21130, 28130.

Awards : Certificates awarded for highest scores in each contest class,
State, Canadian Province and DXCC Country and to entrants working all 14 MA

Postmark entries by June 8th. Send logs to FARA POB 3005 Framingham MA 01701
(for full copy of QSO Party rules and contest summary sheet send an SASE to
above address, packet KA1USL at K1UGM or e-mail STKM14B at

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