4U calls

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Thu Apr 27 03:21:47 EDT 1995

Paul: 4U calls are those issued under the authority of the United Nations.
4U1UN is in New York, 4U1ITU is in Geneva and 4U1VIC is in Vienna, all in
installations under UN control.  The 4U/ stations on peacekeeping duties in
Haiti, Bosnia, the Golan Heights and elsewhere are operating under UN
authority, rather than the authority of the Haitian, Bosnian or Syrian
governments.  4U-prefixed stations can be almost anywhere, but they are more
likely to be in trouble spots where local authorities have better things to do
than licence hams, so they're usually well worth chasing.
73, Dave VE2ZP/VE9CB
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>From GOOSE WD8LLD <GOOSTER at delphi.com>  Thu Apr 27 03:44:20 1995
From: GOOSE WD8LLD <GOOSTER at delphi.com> (GOOSE WD8LLD)
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 1995 22:44:20 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Mad River Radio Club Suite at Dayton
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Hi all,
Don't forget to stop by and say hello as well as grab a refreshment
at the Mad River Radi Suite at Dayton.  We can be fou in 
Room 425 from 8 p.m until 2 a.m.

Hope to see all you CONTEST (had to get that in) types there!!!

73........de goose    "gooster at delphi.com"

>From cook_a_r_j_andrew <cook_a_r_j_andrew at bt-web.bt.co.uk>  Thu Apr 27 11:08:44 1995
From: cook_a_r_j_andrew <cook_a_r_j_andrew at bt-web.bt.co.uk> (cook_a_r_j_andrew)
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 11:08:44 +0100
Subject: FT1000 PIN Diodes

Hi All,

I think this one has been chewed over before, but I wasn't too worried 
about it all at the time, so I didn't take any notes!

Does anyone have the information about how much / if any performance 
gain there is to be had from replacing the front-end PIN diodes in the 
FT1000. Is it all 2nd order IMD performance improvement, or are there 
some in-band benefits to be had.

Perhaps more importantly - we have a rig which needs some replacements 
- some got smoked during a contest and replaced hurredly with BA379s I 
think. What is the best device to put in there?

Thanks for the help,


Andy Cook, G4PIQ.
cook_a_r_j_andrew at bt-web.bt.co.uk

>From slp9m at cc.usu.edu (Scott E. Parker)  Thu Apr 27 21:30:08 1995
From: slp9m at cc.usu.edu (Scott E. Parker) (Scott E. Parker)
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 14:30:08 -0600
Subject: Available calls
Message-ID: <9504272030.AA03417 at paradise.declab.usu.edu>

Excuse me.  I've done my homework - searched my drives and some FTP sites
to no avail.  I need someone's help.

I'm looking for the list of available 1x2 calls.  I had it once and I
believe I got it from this reflector.  Would some kind soul please:

1. point me to a net resource (ftp site, www page, whatever) where I can
find it.

2. mail it to me at either the return address or preferably to
sparker at Coquina.cass.usu.edu.

Thanks!  73, -SEP

                        Scott E. Parker    WA7VYJ
                Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences
             Utah State University      Logan, UT 84322-4405
   Internet: sparker at coquina.cass.usu.edu   sparker at cedar.hao.ucar.edu
Twisted pair: 801-797-2975 (USU)  801-797-2992 (FAX)  801-753-3924 (home)

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Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 16:09:57 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: nomail
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set nomail

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From: westnet at iol.ie (Liam) (Liam)
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 23:41:17 +0100
Subject: No subject
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