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aa9jy at comone.com aa9jy at comone.com
Fri Apr 28 11:38:04 EDT 1995

I have received quite a lot of mail about starting another RTTY reflector.
I think I hit some kind of nerve. I know some think of RTTY  only as a mode
of operation, much like CW, SSB, ATV, SSTV, but to me RTTY is more like another
world. The people you meet are great, the DX you work most 
of the time, will sit and chat, and you sometimes run into very rare dx.

I have received, from the following, interest for the reflector:
WA6SDM, KD0AV, NOFMR, AB5KD, W2JGR (new to RTTY), KE3Q (maybe would like to
this combined with the cq-contest reflector), ON4UN, VE3FJB, WU1F, KF0DJ,
PA3ERC, W6OTC, K5ZD (doesn't like to wade through non RTTY contest items),
WS7I (ADRS is working on a mail list if this doesn't fly), V73C, WF1B, W2UP,
K4FJ, K5ED, AC6EF, KF3P, K2PS (hope this doesn't generate the mail that cq-
contest generates), W7LZP, KA4RRU.
If your not on the list is because I haven't downloaded my mail lately.

This response has been from all corners of the spectrum, from new to old timers.
I have worked many on this list, either in contests, or in qso's. Many of these
who responed are well know contesters. 

Ok, let's take this somewhere, Jay WS7I, mentioned that ADRS is working on
a mail list, maybe they would like to sponsor this reflector. If nothing else
I will take it on, and quite possibly learn something new.

Let us take RTTY into the next century, let's do it.......

Send all your views in and lets hash it out, and see you at DAYTON..

I will try to make it in by Friday night, work has made my departure on 
Thursday impossible, but have installed my rig in the van for the trip.
Will be on 40m, quite possibly listening to mid-cars

Thanks for all your support
Dean AA9JY
aa9jy at comone.com

>From Greg Becker <gb546 at bard.edu>  Sat Apr 29 03:07:01 1995
From: Greg Becker <gb546 at bard.edu> (Greg Becker)
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 1995 22:07:01 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Info
Message-ID: <Pine.A32.3.91.950428220550.13290A-100000 at core.bard.edu>

Can anyone tell me where I can find buy/sell/swap ham ads here on the 'Net?
I need to replace some CONTEST equipment . :-)
73 de Greg NA2N
gb546 at bard.edu

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