SHWINGFEST '95: Party update

Fri Apr 28 23:40:56 EDT 1995

The Thursday night Sultans of Shwing "Shwingfest '95" Dayton party suite was
again a great success, however it didn't start out that way...

N0BSH, WE9V, WX9E and I arrived at Stouffer's around 3:30pm.  After unloading
our stuff (including the computer for the TR contest plus 13 cases of beer &
soda), WX9E and N0BSH went around the hotel putting up about 50 posters
advertising our little party.

Around 5pm the hotel General Manager and one of his hired goons knocked at
our door, holding a fist-full of our posters.  "We cannot allow these
posters... Beavis and Butthead isn't is what Stouffer's is about."  (we had
B&B on our posters).  He proceeded to tell us that fire codes prevent us from
having more than 8 people in our room at any one time (it's a small room!).
 Further, he declared that if our party got out of hand, he'd shut us down.

Did we let more than 8 people in our room?  Judge for yourself as I've
included the sign-in sheet below.  Did the party get out of hand?  Well,
about 4 am we called hotel security because some drunk W9 dude drop-kicked a
ceramic lamp near the elevator, just past our room.  A friendly K2 portable 6
dude witnessed the crime and helped us apprehend the Jan Stenerud wannabe,
saving the Sultans of Shwing from getting blamed for the busted lamp.

With that taken care of, we came back to the room and posted the results of
our TR simulator competition to the reflector and hit the sack.  The morning
was pretty tough on all of us, as G3RZP visited us again... this time with a
bottle of Jim Beam in his hand.

Now to the other suites.....


Scott KA9FOX, Mike N0BSH, Chad WE9V
The Sultans of Shwing
Room 1226, Stouffer's
Dayton, OH

   AA1AA         AA2DU         AA4NC         AA5BL
   AA5NK         AA6MC         AB4RU         AC4ZD
   AI6V          AL7CQ         G3KDB         G3LNS
   G3NAS         G3RZP         GU3MBS        K0IJL
   K1CB          K1DG          K1KP          K1VR
   K1XM          K2LBJ         K2MM          K3EST
   K3TLX         K3WW          K4AMC         K4ISV
   K5ZD          K7LXC         K8LX          K8MFO
   K9CJK         K9EC          K9QYC         K9VV
   K9ZO          KA1BQ         KA3MUF        KA4RRU
   KA5WSS        KA6PPC        KA9FOX        KB9FIN
   KE0OL         KE3Q          KF3P          KF6C
   KI8W          KJ4VG         KJ4VH         KK6QM
   KL7RA         KO9Y          KQ2M          KR2J
   KR2Q          KS4MH         KS9W          KS9Z
   KY2T          KZ2S          N0AT          N0BIL
   N0BSH         N1OEK         N2AA          N4OKX
   N4TQO         N5OLS         N6TV          N8BA
   N9KUT         ND9O          NI8L          NP4Z
   NZ6T          OH0MD         OZ1LQH        OZ7SM
   S56A          VE4GH         VE4GV         VE4UT
   VE6SH         VS6BG         W2GD          W3GH
   W4WJ          W6BIP         W6GO          W6OAT
   W6QHS         W9KDX         W9NB          W9XR
   W9XT          WA1G          WA6GQC        WA8ZDT
   WB4FLD        WB5VZL        WD8HMO        WD8IXE
   WD8LLD        WE9V          WG9L          WI9H
   WN3K          WN9JAT        WR3G          WR3O
   WT2G          WU3M          WV9T          WW1M
   WX9E          WZ1R

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Date: Fri, 28 Apr 95 22:18 EST
Subject: Fwd: Re: WPX Contest rules
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Anyone have an answer on this question regarding WPX contest rules?

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> Date: Monday, 24-Apr-95 08:53 PM
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> >
> >Speaking of WPX Rules.....My friend JR3NZC was operating  portable in
> >Washington State with an unusual 7-land prefix in the last contest...I
> remember
> >another JA operator several years ago using a /WW2 portable call...Can
> foreign
> >licensees choose any prefix already issued???  Can a W6 who lives in
> California
> >operate portable in North Dakota as W6---/WZ0 ???  Who is and who is not
> >eligible to choose their own portable prefix in WPX contests?
> >
> >
> I'm not sure if you meant to send this to me personally, or to the  Contest
> reflector. At any rate, I do not know the answer.  Try Steve,  N8BJQ. Or, try
> sending a similar message to the Contest Reflector.
> Cheers,
> Sean
> --
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> Urbana, IL                                          DXCC:305 worked/297 cfmd
>             "You can jump off a roof, pretend you can fly
>                Maybe you'll bounce...maybe you'll die."-- Joe Walsh, WB6ACU

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Tks for any help.

Dale Long - N3BNA (DLONG at MCIMAIL.COM) 748-9314

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