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force12 at ibm.net force12 at ibm.net
Wed Aug 2 10:02:17 EDT 1995

Dear Friends,

I have recently had inquiries and calls relating to comments made
about our C3 antenna --- an antenna used by more and more contesters
every day.

In spite of pontifications made by a self appointed expert in our technology
made recently on this reflector, we stand by our claimed gain
figures as published in our free brochure.  Our gain figures, dbd and
"net gain", are accurate and are repeatable on both computer simulation
and in the real world.  The net gain of the C3 and the gain expressed
in dbd are significantly greater than what can be expected by a 2 element
yagi-uda type array.  There is a lot going on with the C3 design!

Those people who purchase our C3 continue to comment favorably about its
performance and close inspection and understanding of our technology will
explain just why this antenna performs as well as it does.  The effusive
response to our antenna is not typical of a product that performs marginally!

The real test for us contesters is just how the antenna perfoms over
time and in contests.  We welcome the opportunity for this test and hope that
the results in the future are as compelling as the past experiences of 
contesters and casual users of our C3 technology.  I had a single C3 up
this past contest season and its performance speaks for itself!  I welcome
on the air comparisons.

On a personal note, I am a bit testy these days as most of the time I get on
the bottom end of either 40 or 20 some idiot (perhaps displaced from 14230)
follows me around and sends "FORCE 12 JERK" repeatedly!  This
signal is ground wave for me, but as I hear most of New England and some of
the Middle Atlantic states from my QTH, that does not really tell me much
about the location of the signal.  I can only say this person is loudest
when I am beamed to Europe.  The adgenda of this person is known only to 
him/herself, and this person clearly does not like either me or our company.
If you hear this activity as described above, please drop me a note.


Natan, W6XR/2

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