WU1F at aol.com WU1F at aol.com
Sun Aug 6 13:02:25 EDT 1995

Not much of an effort but we had fun.

We had 80 q's and 41 mults total score 3280 pts.

We ran a TS850 / R5/ and the computer was a Pentium 100 running
Windows 95 beta...... ran well when it ran ..... the cpu heats up quickly.

The software was home grown using ACCESS from MicroSoft.

Joel WU1F

>From XTFF35A at prodigy.com (MR CHARLES A CULLIAN)  Sun Aug  6 17:06:44 1995
Date: Sun, 06 Aug 1995 12:06:44 EDT
Subject: Fun-etics
Message-ID: <013.09536485.XTFF35A at prodigy.com>

I occasionally see callsigns here that belong to amateurs who are 
"long enough of tooth" to remember K6789 (created by W5KFT during one 
of our old 20 meter grape smashing contests)


>From kn5hose at acca.nmsu.edu (kn5hose)  Sun Aug  6 17:37:01 1995
From: kn5hose at acca.nmsu.edu (kn5hose) (kn5hose)
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 1995 10:37:01 -0600
Subject: K7UP CW NAQP Score
Message-ID: <199508061637.KAA25437 at acca.nmsu.edu>

                          NCJ NORTH AMERICAN QSO PARTY
     Call used: K7UP                                     Location: NM
     Category: Single Op All Band         Mode: CW       Power: 150W
     Callsign of Operator: KN5H  
     If multi-operator, show calls of all operators and loggers:
     Exchanged Information: K7UP STEVE NM  
     Hours of Operation: 09:38
     band      QSOs     points    mults
     160          5         5        4
      80         63        63       27
      40        143       143       45
      20        208       208       47
      15        109       109       42
      10         96        96       42
     TOTAL      624       624      207      SCORE: 129,168
     Club or Team Name: texas dx society            
     I, by virtue of my statement below, have taken part in the 
           NCJ NORTH AMERICAN QSO PARTY on 08/05/1995
     conscientiously applying my most ethical interpretation of the
     published rules for this contest.
     Date_________ Signature_____________________________ Call____________
     Name: Steve Nace                      Call: KN5H  
           PO BOX 25                     
           ORGAN, NM 88052


73 de Steve  KN5H

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