NAQP score: W1WEF (Jack in CT)

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Sun Aug 6 21:16:20 EDT 1995

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Jack had 580/179 for 103,820 points.  I'll try to get the breakdown.

73 - Jim AD1C

>From Matthew S. Trott" <0007288678 at  Mon Aug  7 01:19:00 1995
From: Matthew S. Trott" <0007288678 at (Matthew S. Trott)
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 95 19:19 EST
Subject: NA QSO Results
Message-ID: <12950807001921/0007288678PJ3EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

                       1995 NCJ NORTH AMERICAN QSO PARTY
I was surprised more people didn't ask for moves. It was fun bouncing all the
way thru the spectrum with those few who did. I've never done even close to a
full blown effort in this test but I'm a gonna one of these times. As Jeff
QSY'd me from 80 to 40 t o 20 we worked no problem, I knew 10 had been open all
day but thought it was about played out. We went to 15 and no problem and then
made it easily on 10. Made me think we could have made it on 6 and possibly 2
as well (well maybe). I tuned the band afte r we worked on 10 and then tuned on
15 and nary a signal could be heard. BUT they were open in some directions. 

Rig: TS-930 (100 watts)

Antennas (STILL!): TH3 @ 28 ft; 205bas @ 22 ft; 80m inverted vee @ 25 feet

WHAT'D'YA mean the summers almost over?!?!


     Call used: AA7BG                                          Location: MT


     Category: Single Op All Band         Mode: CW              Power: 150W


     Callsign of Operator: AA7BG 


     Exchanged Information: AA7BG MATT MT  


     Hours of Operation: 01:40


     band      QSOs     points    mults


     160          0         0        0

      80         11        11        7

      40         17        17       10

      20         29        29       18

      15         21        21       13

      10         29        29       17


     TOTAL      107       107       65      SCORE: 6,955



     Club or Team Name: Scurvy Sow Contest Club 



     Name: Matt Trott                      Call: AA7BG 

           1220 Wilson Rd.               

           Power, MT 59468

>From ke7gh at (Brian Short)  Mon Aug  7 01:41:16 1995
From: ke7gh at (Brian Short) (Brian Short)
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 1995 00:41:16 +0000
Subject: Stereo Headphones?
Message-ID: <199508070041.RAA15592 at>

Several years ago I bought a few boxes full of mono headphones from
the local school district for a dollar a box.  I took out the bad ones
and sold the rest at hamfests for $1 per set, saving one set for myself.
These are the type that are hooked together with about 6 kids listening
to the same thing.  Several teachers and church directors contacted me
about getting some junction boxes and headphones.  These folks got very
reduced prices!  Anyway, that is what I use, old school headphones.

I am now going to 2-radio operation and I need a new set of stereo 
headphones so I can listen to A/B, A/A, B/B with the switch called
out by AB6FO in his article in NCJ a couple years ago (C&K Components
1-800-635-5936 p/n #7211P1YZQE).  The switch is still avaailable and
I am getting a sample any day.  What is a good set of headphones for
contest operation?

73 de Brian

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