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Mon Aug 7 00:27:49 EDT 1995

Date: Sun, 06 Aug 95 23:39:41 EST

                              NA QSO SUMMARY SHEET
     Contest Dates : 05-Aug-95, 06-Aug-95

     Callsign Used : AE2T
          Operator : AE2T

          Category : Single Op CW

  Default Exchange : AL NY
Hours of Operation  : 8.0

              Name : Albert Gritzmacher
           Address : 92 Saxton St.
    City/State/Zip : Lockport NY 14094
           Country : United States

         Team/Club : none

               Rig : TS-850SAT, 150w
          Computer : 486DX-100 using TRLog
   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults     Ant
   80CW       83          83         83      28 Dipole @ 40'
   40CW       79          79         79      34 Inv. Vee @ 40'
   20CW       74          74         74      29 A3S @ 45'
   15CW       39          39         39      14    "
   10CW       12          12         12       8    "
 Totals      287         287        287     113
    Final Score = 32431 points.
Took a break for a family gathering during the middle of the
contest. I still managed to get 8 hours in. I really enjoyed
this contest, as always. I tried to do a lot of checking all
the bands and managed to spread my QSO's out pretty well across
the bands. Followed VE5MX from 40 to 10 and worked him there
at 0426. I think he was surprised to hear NY at that hour.
I don't know if he ever got the station he was moving there.
Finally got to work him on 40 later. Worked a lot of the guys
on 4 or 5 bands, so it paid to move around. Band conditions
weren't great, but good enough to keep things interesting.
Date: 8/6/95  Signed: /s/ Al Gritzmacher  Call: AE2T

>From Mitch, WA4OSR" <fmitch at  Mon Aug  7 04:44:03 1995
From: Mitch, WA4OSR" <fmitch at (Mitch, WA4OSR)
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 1995 22:44:03 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Windows 95
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.950806223842.3726G-100000 at ns1>

On Sat, 5 Aug 1995, Bill H Parry wrote:

> Have any of those who have had the opportunity to use the beta copy of 
> Windows 95 tried it's compatibility with the various contest programs? I 
> understand that there is no real DOS prompt in Windows 95 and that it may 
> not like programs like CT. It would be good to know before installing 
> Windows 95 on your computer!
> 		Bill, W5VX 

wellllll, to make a long story short... i got hold of a *production* copy 
of win95... loaded it on my main computer... it didn't like my 
hardware... so it only took 4 tries to get past the hardware auto 
probe... i experimented with changing the video resolution, and it *ate* 
a file... then started complaining... i shelled out to dos (more or 
less) to look for the file, and locked up and trashed my screen... only 
solution was to reboot, which stops and complains of the *missing* 
file... exiting to 'dos' was permanently broke... locked the machine and 
trashed the screen... *but*, uninstall worked perfectly!!!

then... a glutton for punishment, i tried to load it on my secondary 
machine... it locked up at the 'getting ready to run win95 for the first 
time' screen... again, *uninstall* worked perfectly...

i'm not sure that win95 is ready for prime time...


>From Ray Rocker <rocker at>  Mon Aug  7 04:58:18 1995
From: Ray Rocker <rocker at> (Ray Rocker)
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 1995 22:58:18 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: NAQP schtuff
Message-ID: <199508070358.WAA22011 at>

WQ5L (Ray MS) SO/AB  Broken FT-757GX, all band wire ant @25'  ~8 hours
band  qso   mult
10      2     2 (5W)
15     29    20 (20W)
20    101    39 (100W)
40    132    37   "
80     54    25   "
all   318 x 123 = 39114

The tuning shaft on my rig has gotten so tight that the knob no longer
turns it. It just slips. Decided to give up a nice looking Saturday at
the beach to give it a shot anyway, using the up/down buttons on the 
mic to tune. Sure makes S&Ping, uhh, different!

If that wasn't enough, as soon as I tried to key up on 10, the rig
made an awful howling noise and locked up. Keying up on 15 also produced
a horribly distorted signal. 20 and down worked, figured I'd stay there.

So, S&Ping my way up 20 with the handy-dandy scanning mic, as luck would
have it every other stn I worked wants to move me to 15. After about a
dozen apologetic "sri only QRV 20 and dwn" responses I tried again to make
something work on 15 and 10. Voila, could use 15 when I reduced the RF out
to 20W or so. On 10 managed to eek out 2 QSOs (K0RF, W1WEF) with maybe 
5W out. Plenty of loud signals from all over though.

Did have fun CQing on 20 and 40, no lack of callers. Was running nicely
on 40 right up until 0600Z. Where was Michigan? Only one MI QSO out of 318, 
weird. Nothing heard from ME, DE, WV, NE, ND, SD, MT.

Don't expect me on phone weekend, I suspect the beach may win out. 73,

Ray Rocker  WQ5L  (Whisper Quiet Five Lander?)  rocker at

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