NAQP Score

Zack Widup w9sz at
Mon Aug 7 00:03:57 EDT 1995

        Here's my results for the NAQP. I only had very limited time, a
little over 2 hours to operate, but it was fun! Entirely S & P operation. 
See you all next one.
                  NORTH AMERICAN QSO PARTY  1995
      Call: W9SZ       Name: Zack    State: IL  
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator
      160        0        0           0
       80        9        9           9
       40       40       40          21
       20       40       40          21
       15        0        0           0
       10        0        0           0
     Totals     89       89          51  =   4,539

>From Takao KUMAGAI <je1cka at>  Mon Aug  7 05:24:09 1995
From: Takao KUMAGAI <je1cka at> (Takao KUMAGAI)
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 13:24:09 +0900
Subject: No Interne connection during contest(Re: win95 + More)
Message-ID: <199508070424.NAA02789 at>

on 95/08/06, Steve Sacco writes:

:   Imagine contest logging software with which you can integrate resources
:   like those available on the World Wide Web. You could do things like real-
:   time browsing of the OH2BUA "WebCluster", or view up-to-the-minute maps of
:   the aurora at both poles, or have extended capability of the "SUPER CHECK
:   PARTIAL" kind of function which automatically did a look-up to an up to
:   date callsign server maintained by that country's licensing authority.  Of
:   course, you could be doing all of this while logging Q's, AND viewing the
:   latest pix of Alecia Silverstein on her WWW page!

Yes, you can do this technically. 

However DO NOT this during CQ WW DX contest. In my understanding, 
the rule prohibit to use any phone connections or the Internet 
connections for all classes. Even M/M class is not allowed to use 
phone calls during contest.

So if your Packetcluster(tm) has regular connection to other 
countries/continent via the Internet, you should disconnect them 
during contest.

	Tack Kumagai JE1CKA/KH0AM
	TEL:81-30-066-6408, FAX:81-423-93-4449
	Internet: je1cka at

>From Marijan Miletic <s56a at>  Mon Aug  7 07:37:20 1995
From: Marijan Miletic <s56a at> (Marijan Miletic)
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 95 06:37:20 UTC
Subject: FT-1000 speaker BANG
Message-ID: <69322 at>

Hi Contesters,
I unpluged headphones 8 hours after the end of EUHFC and I heard famous BANG in
the FT-1000 speaker.  This speaks a lot for a quality of components uaed a
as 1 mF electrolytic capacitor decopling DC from speaker did NOT discharge.
Cheap 100 Ohm resistor might solve this problem but it can not be found even in
rigs manufactured by famous Hi-Fi company.  There is a room for "new tecnology"
similar to 2 keyer inputs in some recent rigs!
73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU.
Disclaimer:  Above posting is NOT advertising for Japanese radios NOR JA
bashing!  No comercial interests involved but humble wishes...

>From Takao KUMAGAI <je1cka at>  Mon Aug  7 08:09:55 1995
From: Takao KUMAGAI <je1cka at> (Takao KUMAGAI)
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 16:09:55 +0900
Subject: RUFZ score(rev 8/07/95)
Message-ID: <199508070709.QAA03511 at>

This is 2nd report for the RUFZ Score listing at Aug. 07, 95

  1     40654    W2UP  38 416  7.146600
  2     36807  KC5NWX   7 367  7.779200 	(=KR0Y)
  3     32836    N8RR  67 367  5.992600
  4     32070    K1AR  20 367  5.647600
  5     31710  DL3DZZ  19 367  7.180100
  6     31688    K1DG  24 367  5.530400
  7     31101  JE1JKL  20 347         ?
  8     28859  JH0KHR   1 347  6.360500
  9     27596   KE2PF  44 328  5.580000
 10     24895    K5ZD  24 328         ?
 11     24267  JH0NZN  27 312  5.771800
 12     23915    N3RS  23 312  4.683600
 13     21281   KJ4VH  23 284  4.658000
 14     21133  JA0FVU  22 284  5.068200
 15     21116    ND3F   ? 297         ?
 16     20744  JE1SPY  15 312         ?
 17     20571    AD1C   4 297  3.900300
 18     19076    K1IU  15 271  3.818100

Here are some comments;

Here is a copy of my rfzhiscr.dta file. I use many different callsigns when
running RUFZ. KC5NWX is my "club" call which I intend to change to a "vanity"
call for contests, but keep KR0Y for ragchew, etc. I assure you that KR0Y is
the operator for all of the scores listed below, except the DL3DZZ, hi!!

I too was very surprised by the 36807 score since I have not been able to do
better than 35208 any other time. I do not understand exactly how the score
is calculated, but I do know that a longer call=more points. Since the calls
are sent at random I think for that 36807 score I must have had many 6 letter
calls. Tonight I will load the master.dta file for RUFZ and see what happens.

Please send me a list of what "high claimed" scores you have now.

Jeff  KR0Y
jsteinman at  

Hi Tack - FInally broke 40K! Think it is time to retire, unless, of 
course, someone beats the score :.) :.)
I do think there is a timing problem in the program. Even at relatively 
slow speeds, I am having trouble with S/H, B/D, U/V. Sounds like a QSK 
rig with slow relay :.)
73 Barry

Barry N. Kutner, W2UP       Internet: barry at

I've been collecting your score(RFZHISCR.DTA) and comment to 
me directly.
mailto:je1cka at

How to get RUFZ program

	mail:info-contest at
	#get rufzpack.uue
in the body of the message.

	Tack Kumagai JE1CKA/KH0AM
	TEL:81-30-066-6408, FAX:81-423-93-4449
	Internet: je1cka at

>From shell at (William Shell)  Mon Aug  7 08:05:47 1995
From: shell at (William Shell) (William Shell)
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 00:05:47 -0700
Subject: Windows 95
Message-ID: <199508070705.AAA35218 at>

>i'm not sure that win95 is ready for prime time...

Hi Mitch,

It sounds more like your hardware is not ready for prime time.

I have installed Win95 on several systems, and have only had 
good results.  It has worked well with all of the programs that I
have tried.  Although, I did have a problem with the drivers for 
my 8-port serial card from Digiboard.  But, they provided me an
updated installation file, and all is now well.

You should try Win95 again someday, after you upgrade your systems.

73, Bill

p.s. CT is one of the programs that I use.

>From Larry Schimelpfenig <lschim at>  Mon Aug  7 10:52:22 1995
From: Larry Schimelpfenig <lschim at> (Larry Schimelpfenig)
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 05:52:22 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9508070522.B25477-c100000 at>

                       1995 NCJ NORTH AMERICAN QSO PARTY



     Call used: K7SV                                           Location: VA


     Category: Single Op All Band         Mode: CW              Power: 100W


     Callsign of Operator: K7SV  


     If multi-operator, show calls of all operators and loggers:





     Exchanged Information: K7SV LARRY VA  



     Hours of Operation: 09:55



     band      QSOs     points    mults


     160         28        28       15

      80         82        82       40

      40        124       124       46

      20        158       158       44

      15         87        87       35

      10         55        55       25


     TOTAL      534       534      205      SCORE: 109,470



     Club or Team Name: PVRC of course              



     Comments:Sporadic E was tremendous Friday night; 10mtrs open from

     New England through midwest until at least midnight. There was some

     E Saturday, but not enough to make the east coast competitive with

     the guys down south. Impressed with all the new yl's getting into

     contesting from the midwest (strange that they are all named 

     Laurie!). Several om black hole ops very apparently missing!








     I, by virtue of my statement below, have taken part in the 


           1995 NCJ NORTH AMERICAN QSO PARTY on 08/05/1995


     conscientiously applying my most ethical interpretation of the

     published rules for this contest.



     Date_8/6/95________ Signature_Larry Schimelpfenig_____ Call_K7SV_______



     Name: Larry Schimelpfenig             Call: K7SV  

           12802 Lee Lake Dr.            

           Spotsylvania, VA 22553

>From James Hurt <jhurt at>  Mon Aug  7 12:38:17 1995
From: James Hurt <jhurt at> (James Hurt)
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 07:38:17 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: August CQ Magazine Cover
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9508070717.A11052-a100000 at acme>

I was carefully reviewing my August CQ to see how I fared in the 160
contests (had to get that contest word in there), and was struck
dumbfounded by the picture on the cover. If I see what I think I see,
N0RR is perched on the side of a CRANK-UP TOWER!

Now, around here, that is considered living very dangerously.
Either I am grossly mistaken, or he is very bold indeed.

It will be interesting to see if he lives to be an old contester
(there's that "c" word again) by climbing crank-up towers that are
fully extended.

73, Jim 

P.S. Didn't do too badly in the contest for Ohio.

>From Greg Becker <gb546 at>  Mon Aug  7 12:45:15 1995
From: Greg Becker <gb546 at> (Greg Becker)
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 07:45:15 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Windows 95
Message-ID: <Pine.A32.3.91.950807074341.21483A-100000 at>

On Sun, 6 Aug 1995, Will Sill wrote:

> Admitting in advance that I regard WINDOZE as a virus, I gotta wonder why
> anyone would NEED to use any version of it when CT and NA both run just
> FINE in DOS?  Why add additional complexity to what is (after all) a very
> simple process? 
> will at - KD3XR - W F Sill, Tunkhannock, PA
Well, since you feel you really have to know, Win95 was being beta tested 
on that machine, and I didn't have time to uninstall before Field Day. 
Hope I was able to set all wondering minds to rest.

Greg Becker NA2N
gb546 at

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