KWIDELITZ at delphi.com KWIDELITZ at delphi.com
Mon Aug 7 19:00:18 EDT 1995

                          NCJ NORTH AMERICAN QSO PARTY

     Call used: AB6FO                                          Location: CA
     Category: Single Op All Band         Mode: CW              Power: 150W
     Callsign of Operator: AB6FO
     Exchanged Information: AB6FO  KEN CA
     Hours of Operation: 09:56

     band      QSOs     points    mults

     160          8         8        6
      80         45        45       23
      40        135       135       42
      20        193       193       48
      15        108       108       42
      10         84        84       37

     TOTAL      573       573      198      SCORE: 113,454

     Award  for the best prognosticator goes to Dave, K6LL,  who  suggested
checking  10 and 15 on each hour and half hour. I had given up on 10  after
only 1 QSO at 1900 and 3 at 2000, but, per Dave, checked on the hour  later
and  was rewarded with 20+ QSOs in the 22, 23 and 00 hours. I actually  had
seven different hours with QSOs on 10, 15 and 20. That was a very  pleasant
surprise at this point in the sunspot cycle.

I  moved a personal record 18 multipliers, with the highlights being  Matt,
AA7BG  moving  from 10 down through 40 in under 2  minutes  and  5B4ADA/HH2
moving from 20 to 15 and then 10.

With how good 10 and 15 were later in the day, I regret that I waited 3 1/2
hours to take my first break.


>From sneader at mail.ctenet.com (Scott Neader, KA9FOX)  Mon Aug  7 23:03:30 1995
From: sneader at mail.ctenet.com (Scott Neader, KA9FOX) (Scott Neader, KA9FOX)
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 17:03:30 -0500
Subject: Best Remote Antenna Switch
Message-ID: <v01510118ac4bf57d9543@[]>

  > What are your opinions on the "best" remote
  > switch?  Pardon me if this has
  > been covered before.  If so, would
  > someone please forward the  summary to me?
  > 73, Tom - N1MM

I've forwarded to Tom the "remote antenna switch" summary that Pete Smith,
N4ZR, put together back in May of 1995.

Just as a reminder, I have been maintaining an archive of summaries and
other interesting information from this reflector on my web site.  The
address of the web site is listed in my signature, below.  Choose
"Summaries from the Contest and DX Reflectors" from the home page.

I also have score rumors from the last couple of years available.   Choose
"Contest Score Rumors" from the home page.  There are also some pictures
and quite a few contest/DX links as well.

I will gladly take any additional summaries, old score rumor lists, etc.
that any of you may have collected in the past and place it into the
archives.  Just drop me an e-mail with it.

73 - Scott, KA9FOX

(12 days till the big wedding and counting!)

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>From beaton at wintermute.co.uk (Alastair Beaton)  Tue Aug  8 00:09:34 1995
From: beaton at wintermute.co.uk (Alastair Beaton) (Alastair Beaton)
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 1995 00:09:34 +0100
Subject: CQ Magazine subs - help
Message-ID: <199508072309.AAA17371 at oberon.wintermute.co.uk>

Hi all,

Could someone please tell me:
1) The address for CQ Magazine subscriptions
2) The current cost for Overseas and Airmail subs
3) The correct methods of payment for foreign aliens far far away.

All my old issues were given away when I moved house 18 months ago.

Thank very much for all your help.



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|     Tel: +44 1463 231197      |
|     Fax: +44 1463 717854      |
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>From Joe Subich" <subich at ramlink.net  Mon Aug  7 14:19:45 1995
From: Joe Subich" <subich at ramlink.net (Joe Subich)
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 95 19:19:45 +0600
Subject: August CQ Magazine Cover
Message-ID: <9508072324.AA0128 at hun5.ramlink.net>

>Don't worry about N0RR.  He knows what he is doing.

N0RR *may* know what he's doing (though climbing an extended crank up doesn't 
exactly give me confidence in the assertion) but that doens't mean some would 
be contester or DX-er will understand the risks and risk mittigation techniques. 

I would really hate to see some kid lose fingers or worse climbing and extended 
crank-up.  Being a big gun carries with it the responsibility of setting a 
good example, both on the air and off! 

     ... Joe Subich, AD8I
         (subich at ramlink.net) 

>From ke7gh at primenet.com (Brian Short)  Tue Aug  8 00:35:47 1995
From: ke7gh at primenet.com (Brian Short) (Brian Short)
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 1995 23:35:47 +0000
Subject: Thanks for WAE Rules!
Message-ID: <199508072336.QAA29017 at mailhost.primenet.com>

I now have enough copies of the WAE rules to read one in each room (try not
to actually picture this).  Thanks for all replies.  73 de Brian 

>From Mitch, WA4OSR" <fmitch at maf.mobile.al.us  Tue Aug  8 01:36:54 1995
From: Mitch, WA4OSR" <fmitch at maf.mobile.al.us (Mitch, WA4OSR)
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 19:36:54 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Windows 95
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.950807193017.29323B-100000 at ns1>

On Mon, 7 Aug 1995, William Shell wrote:

> Hi Mitch,
> It sounds more like your hardware is not ready for prime time.

if a 486dx4-100vlb, cirrus vlb video with 2mb of ram, vlb ide controller, 
ide cd rom, 16 mb of ram, 1.2 gb ide hd, ne2000 net card,  ****no sound 
card, no extra serial ports, no drsi card, no gracilis card, no 
kansas city tracker card - i took them all out to make sure i 
wouldn't have a hardware conflict**** is not prime time, then i guess i'll 
have to wait on  installing win95... maybe i need to go back to dos 5.0 & 

> I have installed Win95 on several systems, and have only had 
> good results.  It has worked well with all of the programs that I
> have tried.  Although, I did have a problem with the drivers for 
> my 8-port serial card from Digiboard.  But, they provided me an
> updated installation file, and all is now well.
> You should try Win95 again someday, after you upgrade your systems.
> 73, Bill
> p.s. CT is one of the programs that I use.

i must have been holding my mouth wrong when i put the cd into the 
drive... just what mantra did u chant, bill, when u started the 
install... or maybe send me a vial of holy water to sprinkle on the box 
before i start...


>From broz at csn.net (John Brosnahan)  Tue Aug  8 02:06:29 1995
From: broz at csn.net (John Brosnahan) (John Brosnahan)
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 19:06:29 -0600
Subject: August CQ Magazine Cover
Message-ID: <199508080106.TAA10680 at lynx.csn.net>

Just wanted to respond to the comments about N0RR on his CRANK-UP tower.
Ron is an extremely meticulous guy when it comes to anything mechanical and
an antenna engineer by profession.

There are nine (NINE) (yes, 9) things that need to fail at each telescoping
section before we can start calling him Lefty (or Stumpy, as he suggested
when I spoke with him this evening).  The WINCH cable only has enough
tension on it to keep it from rattling inside the tower in the wind.  Each
telescoping section sits on a 4 x 4 x 1 inch thick block of steel (one for
each leg) that has been machined (and galvanized of course) to clamp around
each lower tower leg with hardened bolts.  Each leg also has a second 4 x 4
x 1 inch block that clamps each leg on the inner section to each leg of the
outer section to allow for micro-positioning of the tower (before guying) to

And the guying for each tower is done with double anti-torque guys to a
"star" of 3 x 3 x 1/4 steel that clamps on the inner legs and sits on the
tops of the outer legs.  All of this is done for safety, a special concern
at his location where he often has winds in excess of 125 mph.

If any nickname should be applied to Ron it is Ron "never-fail" Stockton.

John Brosnahan    W0UN
La Salle Research Corp      24115 WCR 40     La Salle, CO 80645  USA

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