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Thu Aug 10 02:36:30 EDT 1995

Industry Canada Quebec Region has authorized all Canadian Amateurs to use 
special prefixes to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the United 

Industrie Canada r‚gion du Qu‚bec a autoris‚ tous les radio-amateurs 
canadiens d'utiliser de prefixes sp‚ciaux pour c‚l‚brer la cinqantiŠme
aniversaire des Nations-Unies.

>From 0000 UTC 28 October through 2359 UTC 29 December 1995, Canadian 
Amateurs may replace their normal callsign prefixes with the following
special prefixes:

Du 00h00 UTC le 28 octobre au 23h59 UTC le 28 d‚cembre 1995, radio-amateurs
canadiens peuvent remplacer leur prefixe r‚gulier par les pr‚fixes sp‚ciaux

Regular Prefix    Special Prefix
Pr‚fixe r‚gulier  Pr‚fixe sp‚cial
VA2               XL2
VA3               XJ3
VA7               CJ7
VE1               VX1
VE2               CG2
VE3               XM3
VE4               VB4
VE5               VF5
VE6               VG6
VE7               XM7
VE8               VC8
VE9               VA9
VO1               CZ9
VO2               CZ0
VY1               CK9
VY2               CK0

Dave Goodwin VE2ZP/VE9CB
HF Contest Manager, Radio Amateurs of Canada
Internet: ve2zp at

>From Jumsai Janhom-HS1NIV/5 <aixxo004 at>  Thu Aug 10 03:47:59 1995
From: Jumsai Janhom-HS1NIV/5 <aixxo004 at> (Jumsai Janhom-HS1NIV/5)
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 1995 09:47:59 +0700 (GMT+0700)
Subject: Internet to Packet?
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Hi all

   Can I send my E-mail to my friend's packet address in Florida? 
   How? Please..

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