AA5B NAQP, single-op no xmtr!

AA5BANANA at aol.com AA5BANANA at aol.com
Thu Aug 10 22:57:08 EDT 1995

I had a volleyball tournament on Saturday, so I couldn't
get on much for NAQP. After vBall finished and before I 
had to go to the airport to pick up my family, I did manage
to work a couple dozen guys on 40. After I got home, I was
still keyed up and wanted to run some folks ... but the 
contest was over.  So I pulled up the simulator on NA and 
ran on each band for exactly 20 minutes.  Results:

     Qs Mult
160  86  44
 80  85  45
 40  86  46
 20  87  50
 15  88  48
 10  89  49
    --- ---
    521 282

Final Score = 146,922
Total time = 2.0 hrs
Category = single op, no transmitter

Not exactly realistic practice (no QRM, QRN), but it was
all I was going to get that weekend.  Hope to be on for
phone (for real!).

       -Bruce  AA5B

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