PW2N WAE CW 95 Score

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Sun Aug 13 22:49:52 EDT 1995

Wasn't  easy  to  stay on the contest, this time. No propagation, specially for
100 watts Transmitter here in Brasil.
I'll give complete summary sheet next week, but see the results:

QSOs............... 101
QTCs............... 098

When we will have 1.000 QSOs each contest again? I'll leave radio HI HI...
73 from PY2NY (PW2N operator) - Vitor

>From joe.ham at (Joe Ham)  Sun Aug 13 15:23:59 1995
From: joe.ham at (Joe Ham) (Joe Ham)
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 1995 14:23:59 GMT
Subject: Antennas and salt air
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I lived within 1/4 mile of the Pacific for 10 years and had a TH7 and a
2 element 40 up on a 72 foot tower.  I coated both yagis with 6 coats of
clear acrylic ("Krylon") before they went up and never had a problem.
When they came down there was no oxidation or pitting once I sanded the
acrylic off.  Coax connectors and other connectors got the same
treatment plus some coax seal.  Every couple of years I'd wipe the coax
itself down with some Armorall.

Another ham close by put his yagi up without the same protective
measures and it lasted a little over five years.

Good luck

>From sellington" <sellington at  Mon Aug 14 15:19:52 1995
From: sellington" <sellington at (sellington)
Date: 14 Aug 1995 09:19:52 -0500
Subject: EVE vs Beverage?
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>Does anyone have info on a comparison of a single element EWE vs a 
>one to two wavelength Beverage  for 160/80M contesting/DXing use?

I modelled them a while ago.  The numbers aren't handy, but the two
wavelength beverage is certainly far superior to a EWE.  A one wavelength
beverage probably is also superior, though perhaps a sufficiently 
large EWE would be close.

Scott  K9MA
sellington at

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