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I think you'll find that Steve is quite capable of deciding when
his frequency is in use or not......

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>From Ken Silverman" <ken.silverman at CCMAIL.AirTouch.COM  Mon Aug 14 19:02:15 1995
From: Ken Silverman" <ken.silverman at CCMAIL.AirTouch.COM (Ken Silverman)
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 95 10:02:15 PST
Subject: DOW-KEY Relay
Message-ID: <9507148084.AA808419717 at CCMAIL.AIRTOUCH.COM>

     I picked up some slick military-spec DOW-KEY relays (4) at the 
     local hamfest.  I wonder if anyone knows who the manufacturer is? 
      I'm looking for the specs and pin-out on the unit.  The label 
     DOW-KEY Coaxial Relay
     00471  PN 223-101
     32255 ASSY. D410-0509-030
     COIL 28VDS - 100 OHMS
     Santa Barbara, Calif. U.S.A.
     The relay is has 2 positions, with N-connectors, can bolt to a 
     tower, and came out of the Mare Island facility in the SF area.  
     I called the local information number, and there is no DOW-KEY 
     corporation... is DOW-KEY just a generic name?
     Ken WM2C/6
     ken.silverman at airtouch.com

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