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Thu Aug 17 23:31:44 EDT 1995

Hi Fellow contesters,

I downloaded the YTAD program (by n6bv) from the 
arrl bbs - it is kinda neat.  So much so that I went
out last night and bought a few topo maps. 

I was wondering - I looked in the ON4UN Low band DXing book
for conductivities and dielectric constants. This is the 
only book I have that had anything in it about this. (page 5-4)
Can someone tell me how the two numbers relate to how 
good the soil is? 

surface type		dielectric constant    	Conductivity(mS/m)

Fresh water		  80			    1.0
Salt water		  81  			 5000.0
Pastoral (dallas)	  20	                   30.0

The station that I operate from is on the edge of a large 
lake - and the profile in about 2/3 rds of the directions 
is very easy to get off the map. (can you say FLAT)


George Fremin III
Austin, Texas C.K.U.                        
geoiii at

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