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Agree to a point that someone will figure out how to cheaply produce "ham
radio on a card", but I don't think power outputs will ever exceed the QRP
levels.  Ultimately, the driver is going to be overall system cost.

Right now a substantial monetary (and kinetic!) cost exists in a contest
superstation between the bulkhead and the antenna arrays.  When ten runs of
Heliax, numerous rotor and control cables, and countless RF connectors can be
replaced by a single fiber optic cable to a remoted transceiver or
transceivers located at the antenna (or at the base of the antenna), I think
that economics will prevail.  (Maybe economics has never prevailed in this

I see a future ham shack with two computers, one controlling station
operation and logging, with the other managing the status of a flexible
equipment pool that can be tasked dynamically by the operator.

Outside-of-the-box (the shack) thoughts from a small pistol!

Paul, KB8N 

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Subject: contest writeup; CQ
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Wow...let's hear it for those great COLOR pictures in the CQWW 'test
writeup.  What a NICE change!!!!  AR...was this your's?  FB OM!
de Doug  KR2Q at mcimail.com

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Doug, except for misplacement of the VP2EZA picture (shud have been in CW 
results) and no notification of the reporting continuing later in the magazine, I 
wholeheartedly agree with you about pictures.  Although photography is a hobby of 
mine and there's a place for black and white, the color pictures (and there were a lot) 
really added a lot of pizzaz!  Also, I agree with others that have suggested K1AR 
shud disqualify himself in future CQ contests ;-)

73, Rob

Rob Shapiro - ND3A
Potomac Valley Radio Club
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>From Douglas S. Zwiebel" <0006489207 at mcimail.com  Wed Aug 23 00:20:00 1995
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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 95 18:20 EST
Subject: NV6O & N9ZOH
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And I thought NINE TWO NINE TWO for N2NT was best there was....
WOW Eric...took me 12 seconds, but I love it! (You're tricky non-spacing
was very devious).

Hey Guys...how do you like those new ACTIVE ZONE boxes in the writeup?
You zone 3 and 4 guys can get some respect now.

de Doug  KR2Q at mcimail.com

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