Modeling and reality

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KF3P sez:

>>I will tell you that in my experience from here and W3LPL, I'd almost
guarantee >>that a single beam at 100 ft on 20 meters is going to outperform
the lower stack >>to EU about 50% of the time under current conditions, and
it will ALWAYS be >>louder...

Even in Texas, it's tough to beat a good 20M yagi at 100'  For years at N5AU,
the best antenna was the Telrex 546 at 100'.  At one point, we stacked
another one below it at 50' fixed on EU.  I did a single op on CW, and this
setup kicked butt, but the 20M ops in the other contests didn't seem to be
 impressed.  A massive windstorm the night B4 the '87 WPX CW test ripped out
the side mount bracket on the lower antenna, but miraculously (sp?!) there
was no tower damage;  a couple of the elements stabbed the tower & the beam
was just hanging with suprisingly little damage.  

Anyway, we had tried a high 204BA at 190' & all different heights with other
20M yagis over the years, but until 1988 nothing beat the Telrex at 100'
 What happened in 1988?  We moved the repaired Telrex to the top of a 190'
foot tower.  Wow! Awesome!  Gordon's "Siberian Express" gave new meaning to
20M in Texas.  Trey (KKN) did some single op CW tests and mentioned it was
THE antenna to use whenever possible.  Short or long haul, it was always
better!!  Must be all the lobes.

Just shows what it takes to be better than 100'.  A massive array out of the
reach of most of us. 

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Subject: Modeling and reality
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Denny wrote 

>Ahem, ... anyway, I would be pleased if you will report your  _ stack   v/s
>  non stack_
>findings as the contest season goes along... I assume (that word) that you
>will be switching between stacked and singles as you go along and
>I have ordered enough beams for a stack, and I will be really, really sad if
>I could have done as well with one set...   :)

Afraid not ... I lack the resources.  Radio Free West Virginia will be
transmitting from a single Force-12 C-3 at 102 feet this fall.  I will,
however, summarize the very good inputs I'm getting from a flock of stack
owners, theorizers, and other helpful folk for the reflector.
73, Pete Smith N4ZR
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No, no, no, that's 59 WEST Virginia.

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