Wed Aug 23 18:10:53 EDT 1995

Well to say these guys above 58 deg. latitude have bad condx is an
understatement!  It flat sucks!... But the fishing is Great!

Thanks to WL7DB (Dave) and his son WL7CHA (Ben) for letting me experience
contesting from KL7.  Only had couple of hours to play but it was great to
hear my friends from Texas. Strongest and first contact was George WB5VZL,
sure that Henry wasn't running by mistake George!?? Out of my 22 Q's 13 were
with 5's (think I was bias?) hi hi

KB5YVT/KL7   Time op 0320-0459

TS440    204BA @ 40ft./ 40m Vertical

22 Q's x 7 Mults = 154   ( That has to be a record low score?)

Well I didn't do well in the contest but.....I'm having fresh silver salmon
for dinner tonight!!  Thanks to Phil N6ZZ for the after the contest watering
hole tip. (Don't go to Phil's spots without a bunch of $20's in your pocket!)

73  C ya in the Sprints

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