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>Why don't we just eliminate the mode subbands entirely? That way, there
>would be enough space for whatever type of operation you wanted to do (at
>least, to the limit of the allocation). We'd probably still segregate voice
>(analog) operating to the high end, with digital modes toward the low end
>-- but we could be more flexible.

>Besides, that way we could work DX on 40m phone without having to work split.


40 meters is a good example of what this type of band would sound like. Now 
that the mexicans have moved their SSB rag chew nets to the bottom 25 khz of 
what was once the 40M CW portion of the band that has become almost unusable 
for any mode. The mexicans on the other hand feel like they have been driven 
out of the dx phone band by the HF packet guys taking over 7050 to 7100. 7000 
to 7350 is the most abused piece of spectrum on the planet is is certainly the 
best example of what a no band plan band would sound like. If the future WARC 
summit meeting does nothing but starighten this out (globally) it will have 
been a monumental success.

AS for contest free zones, I agree with who eversaid it earlier..thats what I 
thought 17 Meters was for...I'm surpirsed the Slow Scan TV and Traffic Net 
Guys havent figured this one out yet....on second thought I guess I'm not that 
surprised ;-0 !!!

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Date: Mon, 28 Aug 1995 19:54:08 -0400
Subject: CQ WW, The Internet and Packet?
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I was wouder, if is legal during CQ WW to use a internet connection to connect to a packet cluster and rx spots?

Can this be consider under ASSISTED cat?

Please e-mail me direct, and I will post a summary later

73 de Steve W4/YV5DTA
esteban at

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