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Fri Dec 1 15:30:42 EST 1995

Was not sure where to post this, but it IS an improvement item for my CONTEST
I have two spare power supplies in the shack, one 10 amp and one 12 amp.  The
main supply used with my TS850 is an 18 amp supply.  I would like to connect
the 10 amp and 12 amp supplies in parallel to provide a backup supply for the
TS850, just in case I can't find the spare fuses for the main supply. (This
just happened during SS; lost over 15 minutes searching for the last 3 amp
slowblow fuse.)
Any thoughts on how to do this properly without destroying either supply.
 Can I just simply connect the output terminals in parallel?  Do the output
voltages need to be adjusted to exactly match each other?  Do I need blocking
diodes to prevent damage if one of the supplies dies?
Also, has anyone experimented with adding a capacitor storage bank (150,000+
uf) to their existing power supply to increase instanteous current

Reply to me directly.  If there is enough interest I will post a summary

Henry Pollock - WB4HFL
henrypol at

>From peimari at (Pekka Kolehmainen)  Fri Dec  1 20:51:08 1995
From: peimari at (Pekka Kolehmainen) (Pekka Kolehmainen)
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 22:51:08 +0200 (EET)
Subject: ea8ah cq ww-95 ssb score
Message-ID: <v01520d01ace54e34c8ab@[]>

ea8ah=B4s claimed score in the cq ww 1995 ssb contest is 12.178.920
73! oh1ry / ea8ah

>From cgate!ocker at (Charlie Ocker)  Fri Dec  1 20:54:17 1995
From: cgate!ocker at (Charlie Ocker) (Charlie Ocker)
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 95 14:54:17 CST
Subject: Vanity 610V now available
Message-ID: <9512012054.AA22384 at>

Just got off the phone with the FCC's Consumer Assistance Branch.  They claim
that the form 610-V and 1070-V *WILL NOT* be available until mid December, and
any rumors to the contrary are false.  They also informed me that you must
request them in writing.

Charlie  KD5PJ/9	ocker at

>From sneader at (Scott Neader)  Fri Dec  1 21:05:37 1995
From: sneader at (Scott Neader) (Scott Neader)
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 15:05:37 -0600
Subject: TG9AJR gets married!  SHWING!
Message-ID: <95Dec1.150651cst.53767 at>

For those of you who know Juan, TG9AJR, - and I know that's a lot of you -
he is getting married this Saturday (December 2) in Antiqua, Guatemala.  He
and his wife, Jocelyn, will then be spending a week in HK for his honeymoon
(no, he isn't bring his rig, but he will be loading the vertical).

If you would like to send him a congratulatory message via e-mail, he can
be reached at:  tg9ajr at

Me, WX3N, TG9AJR... who's next???

- Scott, KA9FOX

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