Have Heil........................Will Travel (was Guest OPS)

N3ADL at aol.com N3ADL at aol.com
Sat Dec 2 18:09:56 EST 1995

Season's Greetings Everyone!  I missed most of the threads on "Guest OP's"
but wanted to convey the following :

The "Host" station is to be commended for allowing us "Lil Pistols" a chance
to have some fun with the "big boys Toys" and for me it was an introduction
into the contest wars that really piqued my interest in HF. These guys
probably have to "deal" with the grumblings of the BOSS YL and inconvenience
his family in order to provide a proper educational experiece for us new

I'd like to thank WB3FIZ, K3WW, KY3N, WT3Q, K3ANS, FM5DN, and V21N and their
families for the patience and fraternal commitment provided in making me a
better contestor and igniting a flame under my ample posterior. My humble
station is improving (ALPHA powered) but my antenna system will never
approach these "Battlewagons" and it sure is nice to be invited to 5 over 5
over 5 on 20m at 150' just for ME!!

                                                                     73 de
Doug //N3ADL
           ** G O   F R C **                                         TO5MM


op at V26B

op at KY3N

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