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JKAHRS at delphi.com JKAHRS at delphi.com
Sat Dec 2 19:10:31 EST 1995

Well OPAL did get me worse than I thought.  My present rotor is
windmilling...sort of a "coax" break system!  It's time for a new and larger
system.  The antenna is a PRO67B, 100+ lbs and a ole 32-19 2 meter boomer.
Because I live in the south (5 miles north of the Gulf of M in Baja
Alabama), The 450 degree rotation sounds like something to consider.  I'm
thinking of either the 1000 or 800, but lean to the 1000 for the extra safety
factor.  I use a HyGain 52 ft self supporting tower.  Several question y'all
might help me with....

1. Will it fit!   it = 800 or 1000

2. Any good OR bad words on this series.  The alternative is a TX2 or HAM4.

Please respond to me DIRECTLY ... no cc: to the reflector PSE ...
so as to keep his CONTEST related question
bandwidth to a minimum.

73, Hank/K2UVG
jkahrs at delphi.com
Niceville, Florida ... temp home to ERIN and OPAL

>From Mr. Brett Graham" <bagraham at HK.Super.NET  Sun Dec  3 00:11:49 1995
From: Mr. Brett Graham" <bagraham at HK.Super.NET (Mr. Brett Graham)
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 1995 08:11:49 +0800 (HKT)
Subject: He who is LOUDEST wins!!
Message-ID: <199512030011.IAA03373 at is1.hk.super.net>

Spent about three hours Saturday afternoon mounting the windsurfer mast to
the tower & dragging the 160m inv-vee ends through the village & into the
jungle (with the kind help of the villagers).  Luckily, the antenna was
resonant where it should be & I was able to have a peaceful dinner before
the terminator swept across NA.
All that was heard was N6DX & dozens of those bloody buoys.  All that was
worked was N6DX.  Listened to the JAs calling CQ & couldn't hear what they
were working.  Spoke with JR5JAQ later, who said he'd made about 70 Qs, so
as usual, things were better for JA than VS6...
Worked a coupla UA0s, a UA9, 9M2AX & 9M8FC, so the antenna is working.  I
sent a short post to TopBand to let everyone know I'm back on, but haven't
seen it come back.  This antenna will probably stay up until at least ARRL
DX CW, since it prevents me from pointing the quad anywhere but north.  A
strong NE monsoon may take it down before that, in which case the it'll go
through the quad & I'll loose the lot - so work me while you can!
73, VS6BrettGraham aka VR2BG bagraham at hk.super.net

>From Jim Stevens <ki4hn at nando.net>  Sun Dec  3 00:14:49 1995
From: Jim Stevens <ki4hn at nando.net> (Jim Stevens)
Date: Sat, 2 Dec 1995 19:14:49 -0500
Subject: L-4B on 160m?
Message-ID: <01BAC0EB.64F16860 at grail1304.nando.net>

Before I get a flood of e-mail, I made a mistake!  I realized this today even 
before I saw Sandy's response.  I confused which band had which amp.
The 160 station has an Amp Supply LK-500 on it.  Sorry for the confusion.

Jim, KI4HN
ki4hn at nando.net  

From: 	WA6BXH/7J1ABV[SMTP:slay at netcom.com]
Sent: 	Saturday, December 02, 1995 11:16 AM
To: 	Jim Stevens
Subject: 	L-4B on 160m?

>At N4ZC, I worked JA3ONB at 1220Z on 25-Nov-95.  We used an Inverted Vee
>at 120 >feet, a North 500' beverage, TS-930, and Drake L4B.

Really ???  I was told by a former Drake employee that modifying the L-4B
for 160m was virtually impossible?  I'd be very curious to know the source
of your mods for the L-4B?

Thank you & 73
Sandy WA6BXH
slay at netcom.com

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