ARRL 160 - W7RM (plus - "Touch Lamps"...)

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Sun Dec 3 14:18:09 EST 1995

Too bad the conditions weren't like last weekend.....

572 QSOs, 72 Sections, 4 DX mults = ~ 96,064

Anyone know what to do to fix a touch lamp that is RF-sensitive? Please reply
directly to me at AA7NX at AOL.COM.

Less than full effort. Worked all day Friday on constructing an East
beverage, but couldn't quite get it finished. 

Had problems with a neighbor's "touch lamp". After a snooze break I fired up
on the SW antenna about 11z and the phone started ringing. I didn't answer,
but 5 minutes later Rush came down to the shack and said that a neighbor was
complaining that her (@$#^&!) touch sensing activated bedroom lamp was
flashing on and off! So that was it for Friday night/Sat. morning. Asked her
to unplug it for Sat. night.....

Worked on the beverage Saturday and got it playing, so had better ears Sat.
night. But, condx were marginal so we went to dinner about 3z. Back at 5z and
some east coast finally. About 33 JAs worked, but very little other DX. YV,
TI, JA, & XE. Heard HH, HI, VP5 & FG but couldn't break the piles and/or ran
out of patience.  

Mike  AA7NX

>From Bob.Wendling at (Bob Wendling)  Sun Dec  3 18:23:20 1995
From: Bob.Wendling at (Bob Wendling) (Bob Wendling)
Date: 03 Dec 95 10:23:20 -0800
Subject: NW6N ARRL 160 SCORE
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Had fun but was really tough to work the test as powerline noise here makes
things difficult to the east and impossible to the west. Only worked a few JA
stations as they had to be +20 db for me to hear them. Biggest thrill was 
having G3LNS call when running stations early Sunday A.M.

QSO= 725


RAW SCORE= 124,583

Sorry if you called and I coudln't copy.
: Fidonet:  Bob Wendling 1:203/698  .. speaking for only myself.
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