Contest Announcement Screwup?

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Fri Dec 8 10:43:59 EST 1995


I never said that the contest folks at ARRL are not reading this
reflector. As a matter of fact, I'm sure they do read it on a
regular basis. However, just as you chose to send me a copy of
your open message to the CQ-Contest reflector, and you KNOW that
I read it, it is only proper to address your complaints about 
someone or something to that person. Unless of course, you
really don't consider it important enough to actually bring it
directly to their attention.

Again, while the contest directors at ARRL are probably fully aware of the
content of this reflector, it is very easy to pass something by
unless it lands in YOUR inbox with YOUR name on it.  As far as
you contacting your Director and Vice-director, you're on the
right track. The ARRL Board sets policy for the ARRL. If they feel
an issue should be treated a different way by the staff, it most likely
will be.

73, J.P. 

>Hi J.P.,
>Your message seems to imply that those at the League that can do something
>about contest announcements WON'T GET THE MESSAGE IF IT IS ONLY POSTED ON
>THIS REFLECTOR.  Is it possible that "they" (whoever they are) don't read
>what goes on here?  If so, we've got the wrong people in charge of contests
>at the ARRL. 
>While I agree that each of us should voice our opinions to our Director and
>Vice Director (I have done it), if the "contest people" at the ARRL are not
>regularily reading this reflector, they simply aren't tuned in to the pulse
>of the contest community and I am forced to ask "why not?"  I would not
>expect them to necessarily make themselves visible here frequently, but they
>CERTAINLY ought to read every word that is posted about ethics, rules,
>suggestions for improvements, etc.
>I really can't believe they don't know what is going on here.
>Stan  W7NI at

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It's not a bug...It's a feature!

>From Hans Brakob <71111.260 at>  Fri Dec  8 16:31:44 1995
From: Hans Brakob <71111.260 at> (Hans Brakob)
Date: 08 Dec 95 11:31:44 EST
Subject: The "Window"
Message-ID: <951208163143_71111.260_EHM136-1 at CompuServe.COM>

The encroachment on "the window" (by BOTH the "cheaters" and
the "Kilocycle Kops") is a classic illustration of the "Tragedy 
of Commons": (borrowing a quote from a friend)

   Wherein each individual in a group which has access to a 
commonly-held resource believes that his single and sole abuse 
of the resource will create no perceptable damage to the public 
good. Ultimately, through the cumulative effect of all those 
assuming this special privilege, the common resource is 
destroyed or rendered useless.

   If there is no credible disincentive, the abuse will occur.

73, de Hans, K0HB

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