KL7 in New Jersey,etc.

W2CRS at aol.com W2CRS at aol.com
Fri Dec 8 11:53:14 EST 1995

For the first time in recent memory (my recent memory is almost non-existant-
CRS), W2CRS in Colorado used W2CRS/0 in a CW contest, the 160M ARRL Test. It
had the following advantage for my station-

1.  Almost no one asked for a repeat of the section as they frequently do
without the /0
2.   There must be a #2, but I can't think of one (I mean two)

The disadvantages were as follows-
1.  sending /0 is clumsy and time consuming.
2.  I can work more JAs if I don't sign /0!

I think the advantages outway the disadvantages for my station. 

I am inclined to get a "vanity call" that indicates my region and would
prefer that FCC policy reverted to the old way of only issuing
regional-specific calls. 

I think those U.S. stations who insist on operating in the 160M DX window
ought to be required to get an exotic call such as KC4, KL7 or better still,
KH5.  (Just kidding!!!!)

73,  Doug  W2CRS

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