160M DX Window

W5KI at aol.com W5KI at aol.com
Sun Dec 10 10:31:23 EST 1995

Lots of suggestions about this problem that will never totally go away.  But
any  window, abused as it is at times, is better than none.  I am hopeful
(no... confident) the ARRL will not try a cure worse than the problem.  In my
  1.  DON'T WORK stateside stations soliciting QSOs in the window...period!
  We can only then hope the rate will go so low that they'lll move.  I'd put
that "suggestion" in the contest announcement.
  2.  When talking about the DX Window in print/discussions,  ALWAYS make it
clear to newcomers that "working" DX stations that are calling in the window
is okay.  It may seem obvious to most, but over the years I've found it is
not always understood by new ops on 160, who "want" to do it right.
                              73... Steve, W5KI/2

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