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WX9E at WX9E at
Mon Dec 11 04:47:30 EST 1995

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I have added the email addresses for most of the stations
on the list along with a few phone numbers.  If there are
any corrections or additions that need to be made, i.e. if
you want your phone # listed,  please let me know directly.  

I have hooked up a couple newer contesters with a few station
owners already.  The more the merrier...  that's what the list 
is for.  I know there are quite a few newer contesters on this 
reflector.... don't be shy, these guys don't bite 
(at least not on contest weekends!)

BTW, my 10m test score is 
     CW    29 Qs  x  9 mults  (IL, IN, WI, PA, NY, NC, ON  --  CX and LU)
    SSB    13 Qs  x  7 mults  (IL, WI, IN, MI,  ON  --  PY and LU)  
             42 Qs   x   16 mults      =   2272 pts  (I think I did that

Low power mixed mode....      TS930 and a dipole

VR2BG and VR2GO get the award for lowest scores!  
Wait til next year!


Paul  WX9E

Call           Location                         Email
                             Phone #

K1KP       Andover, MA          fisher at
K1VR       Lincoln, MA           k1vr at                  (617)
K5ZD/1   Wocester, MA         k5zd at
KY1H       Western MA            robbins at
W1FY      Framingham, MA
K1TR      Southern NH            esp at                 (508)
KB1GW   Avon, CT                 gswanson at
N1QVE    Southington, CT      hwhite at         
W6XR/2  Ithaca, NY              force12e at
K2ZJ      Syracuse, NY           cariotib at   (315)
K2XA      Albany, NY              abrame at
W8FJ/3  Norristown, PA       W8FJ at
KY3N      Allentown, PA         KY3N at
KE3Q      Bowie, MD                rlboyd at
ND3F      Baltimore, MD          ND3F at
W3GG     Derwood, MD            WJCR34A at
KA4RRU  Northern VA            mtrowbri at
AA4NC   Raleigh, NC              AA4NC at
N4ZC     Charlotte, NC           roger.burt at
K1ZX/4  Tampa, FL               0006492564 at      (813) 989-8873
W4NVU  Miami, FL                fabers at     (305) 552-9573
KM9P/4  Atlanta, GA            KM9P at
NQ4I      Atlanta, GA            102505.2241 at
AB4RX    Louisvlle, KY          AB4RX at                      (502)
WB4FLB  Bowling Green, KY   hext at
AE4AP   Western KY / Southern IL   golist at
N5RZ     Midland, TX               N5RZ at
AC5CT   Dallas, TX                mihry at
WX0B/5  Dallas, TX              WX0B at                         (214)
KS1G/5  Dallas, TX              0003243590 at      (214) 475-7752
WB5VZL  Austin, TX             geoiii at                        (512)
N3BB/5   Austin, Tx             n3bb at    
NI6T        Los Gatos, CA       ni6t at
W8AKS  Tehachapo, CA        marty at
WA6IET   Nipomo, CA          shell at
N6KI      San Diego, CA        dvernacchia at
N7CW/6  San Diego, CA
K6XO/7   Salt Lake City, UT  alan at
K7FR      Eastern WA             k7fr at
N0AX/7  Seattle, WA            hwardsil at           (206) 463-2833
W7LZP    Seattle, WA           wrt at
K7NPN    Seattle, WA            mpickard at
K9JF/7   Vancouver, WA      jfenster at
N6TR/7   Portland, OR         tree at
AI7B      Central  OR            Ai7b at
N7UJJ    Phoenix, AZ           acameron at            (602) 271-2413
K7NO     Phoenix, AZ           dnorris at                  (602)
W8FN     SouthWest OH       W8FN at
K8DO     Saginaw, Mi           K8DO at                       (517)
KF9PL   Central IL              tigger at
K9ZO     Central IL              rbellas at   (309) 828-3190
WG9L     Chicago, IL            WG9L at
WX9E     Chicago, IL            WX9E at
K9SD     SouthWest, IL        WR34SHE at
KO9Y     Indainapolis, IN     gclark at       (317) 535-0282
W9ZRX   Indainapolis, IN     zephd at                  (317) 896-3876
K4VX/0  Hannibal, MO          k4vx at   
KM0L     Kansas City, MO     km0l at                   (816) 358-6157
NX0I      Kansas City, MO     km0l at                   (816)
N2IC/0    Denver, CO           n2ic at       (970) 535-0617
W0CP     Denver, CO            wstinson at
W0AIH   Eau Claire, WI           Call Book Address
KS9K     Racine, WI             paulh at
WD0T     Pierre, SD            ToddD at

VA3SK                 kgsmith at
VE6JY                  ve6jy at                    
VE6SH                  TELLAM at
VE6SV                  ve6sv at                            (403)

              DX Stations
ON4UN     (OT5T....)           john.devoldere at
OH6YF                              hmantila at
OH3NE                             oh3mep at
PA3ERC (PA6WPX & PI4COM)  norf at
S56A                              s56a at     
XE2AC                             Luis_Delgadillo.aguas at     
6E2T   (Mexico)             dvernacchia at
VK5GN                           LINDA.LUTHER at            61 8
5243 440
KH0AM Saipan  (CQWW only)  je1cka at  

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