KC4UCK/T ARRL 10m score

ad4tu at esinet.net ad4tu at esinet.net
Mon Dec 11 10:02:37 EST 1995

ARRL 10m score

KC4UCK/T   M/S    Low Power   12:21 hours of operation

        Q's     Q Pts   Mults                
CW      34      140     5
SSB     123     246     18
        157     386     23 = 8878

Operators: KC4UCK, AD4TU
Equipment: FT-890,10m vertical, NA

Comments de AD4TU: where were all the CW contacts in the Nov/Tech sub-band
now that /T and /N cw q's are worth 8 pts?  All the 'big gun' stations in the 
.000 - .050 range that we heard could have made an 8 point QSO if only they
had qsy'ed up to .102 to work us.  Thanks to those who did.   1 degree
fahrenheit,  20 mph winds, and an ice storm at the AD4TU mountain qth
precluded climbing the tower to install the yagi, so we suffered with the
vertical and the score shows it.Great fun, thanks to all who worked us. 

de Pete/AD4TU

Email:      ad4tu at esinet.net

>From alan at ES.COM (Alan Brubaker)  Mon Dec 11 15:05:08 1995
From: alan at ES.COM (Alan Brubaker) (Alan Brubaker)
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 08:05:08 -0700
Subject: ARRL 10 meter VHF contest
Message-ID: <199512111505.IAA29515 at greely.corp.ES.COM>

Sounded like 6 meters here...

K6XO/7  Single Operator, High Power, Unassisted

Mixed Mode

CW   43 QSOs   7 Mult.
SSB  53 QSOs   4 Mult.

     96 QSOs, 11 Mult.   3,058 Claimed score.

You can tell that I did not spend much time at this.

Happy holidays to all.

Alan, K6XO

alan at es.com

>From mpickard at netcom.com (Mike Pickard)  Mon Dec 11 15:06:05 1995
From: mpickard at netcom.com (Mike Pickard) (Mike Pickard)
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 07:06:05 -0800
Subject: K7NPN- 10MTR Results
Message-ID: <199512111506.HAA26837 at netcom23.netcom.com>

Single Op Low Power CW Mode

90 QSO 15 Mults 5,400 PTS
HRS Operated Under: 4

If it hadn't been for friends and other local miscreants and a "run" of
Argentine stations I might have had a 3 digit point total. Couldn't meet
last years goal. Maybe someone in charge of the sunspots knew a few of us
contestaholics needed a little more pre-holiday time for the family :>)

Mike Pickard     K7NPN     mpickard at netcom.com
POB 13045 Mill Creek, WA. 98082-1045

>From Dan Ransom" <RANSOM at FOLEY.GONZAGA.EDU  Mon Dec 11 15:52:58 1995
From: Dan Ransom" <RANSOM at FOLEY.GONZAGA.EDU (Dan Ransom)
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 07:52:58 PST
Subject: K7MM 10M Single Low CW Only
Message-ID: <3400FC27B1A at FOLEY.GONZAGA.EDU>

                     ARRL 10 METER CONTEST -- 1995

      Call: K7MM                    State:  Washington
                                        Category: Single Operator, 
                                                        Low Power, 
                                                         CW ONLY, Unassisted


      CW            71             284             13              5
                                           =   5,112 Total Points

Equipment Description: Kenwood TS-940S, KT-34XA

Excellent contest for studying for finals while CT CQ's away into a 
dead band.

Worked a mini Midwest opening Saturday night at about 0400Z.... well
after dark ....fascinating!

Started by  casually checking the band Saturday afternoon ... I
worked a VK7 calling CQ!  First and best DX!  What a way to start!

Heard W7SE in Wyoming .... unfortunately, couldn't get Walt's 

Also heard the Everready Bunny Beacon, K7FR, all weekend.  I knew the 
band was open to somewhere!

The California stations made it interesting.  I actually ran 6's for 
ten minutes!!!!

Hurry, please, Ol' Sol!
Dan Ransom K7MM
(509) 328-4220 X3825 Voice
(509) 324-5904 Fax  

>From Ron Marosko, Jr." <rmarosko at bcm.tmc.edu  Mon Dec 11 16:57:28 1995
From: Ron Marosko, Jr." <rmarosko at bcm.tmc.edu (Ron Marosko, Jr.)
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 10:57:28 -0600
Subject: VS6BG ARRL 10m score
Message-ID: <199512111602.KAA25227 at bcm.tmc.edu>

At 19:51 12/10/95 +0800, you wrote:
>Category: single-op CW-only
>QSOs: 1
>Mults: 1
>Score: 4
>Comment: Last year #6, this year I'm lucky to have made a single Q!
>         Hopefully beat WX9E for lowest score again...

I tied with you.

Category: single-op phone-only
QSOs: 2
Mults: 1
Score: 4
Comment: Worked everyone I heard. KE5FI and AB5TV. Forgot to
work my wife. Ooops.

   Ron KK5DK
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|         kk5dk at amsat.org       |   Baylor College of Medicine   |
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>From bhorn at netcom.com (Bruce Horn)  Mon Dec 11 16:23:41 1995
From: bhorn at netcom.com (Bruce Horn) (Bruce Horn)
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 08:23:41 -0800
Subject: Contest Calendar (95.2)
Message-ID: <199512111623.IAA14306 at netcom20.netcom.com>

                              CONTEST CALENDAR
                         Dec. 11, 1995 Edition (95.2)

Log Submittal Deadlines:
Please consult the individual contest rules to determine what log
documentation must be submitted (i.e. summary sheet, dupe sheets, etc.).

  ARRL Sweepstakes, CW           December 21, 1995
    E-mail:  contest at arrl.org
    Mail:  ARRL Sweepstakes (CW)
           225 Main Street
           Newington, CT  06111, USA

  ARRL Sweepstakes, Phone        December 21, 1995
    E-mail:  contest at arrl.org
    Mail:  ARRL Sweepstakes (Phone)
           225 Main Street
           Newington, CT  06111, USA

  Ninth Internet Sprint          0400Z, December 31, 1995
    E-mail:  n6tr at cmicro.com
    Mail:  (none)

  ARRL 160-Meter Contest         January 4, 1996
    E-mail:  contest at arrl.org
    Mail:  ARRL 160-Meter Contest
           225 Main Street
           Newington, CT  06111, USA

  ARRL 10-Meter Contest          January 11, 1996
    E-mail:  contest at arrl.org
    Mail:  ARRL 10-Meter Contest
           225 Main Street
           Newington, CT  06111, USA

  CQ Worldwide Contest, CW       January 15, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  CQ Magazine (mark as CW log)
           76 North Broadway
           Hicksville, NY  11801, USA

Please note that you may not be able to operate during all of the total
hours of the contests listed below. Total operating time may also vary
by entry category. See individual contest rules for allowed operating

December, 1995

  Ninth Internet Sprint          0200Z, Dec 28 to 0400Z, Dec 28
  RAC Winter Contest             0000Z, Dec 31 to 2400Z, Dec 31

January, 1996

  Third SquINT Contest (kids)    2100Z-2230Z, Jan 1
  ARRL RTTY Roundup              1800Z, Jan 6 to 2400Z, Jan 7
  Japan Int.DX Contest, 160-40m  2200Z, Jan 12 to 2200Z, Jan 14
  North Amer. QSO Party, CW      1800Z, Jan 13 to 0600Z, Jan 14
  North Amer. QSO Party, Phone   1800Z, Jan 20 to 0600Z, Jan 21
  ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes   1900Z, Jan 20 to 0400Z, Jan 22
  CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW       2200Z, Jan 26 to 1600Z, Jan 28
  UBA Contest, Phone             1300Z, Jan 27 to 1300Z, Jan 28

February, 1996

  North American Sprint, Phone   0000Z-0400Z, Feb 4
  IDRA WW Dig WPX Contest, RTTY  0000Z, Feb 10 to 2400Z, Feb 11
  Dutch PACC Contest             1200Z, Feb 10 to 1200Z, Feb 11
  RGSB 1.8 MHz Contest, CW       2100Z, Feb 10 to 0100Z, Feb 11
  North American Sprint, CW      0000Z-0400Z, Feb 11
  ARRL School Roundup            1300Z-0100Z each day, Feb 12 to Feb 16
  ARRL Inter. DX Contest, CW     0000Z, Feb 17 to 2400Z, Feb 18
  CQ 160-Meter Contest, Phone    2200Z, Feb 23 to 1600Z, Feb 25
  RGSB 7 MHz DX Contest, CW      1500Z, Feb 24 to 0900Z, Feb 25

March, 1996

  ARRL Inter. DX Contest, Phone  0000Z, Mar 2 to 2400Z, Mar 3
  RGSB Commonwealth Contest, CW  1200Z, Mar 9 to 1200Z, Mar 10
  BARTG WW RTTY Contest          0200Z, Mar 16 to 0200Z, Mar 18
  CQWW WPX Contest, Phone        0000Z, Mar 30 to 2400Z, Mar 31

April, 1996

  EA WW RTTY Contest             1600Z, Apr 6 to 1600Z, Apr 7
  Japan Int.DX Contest, 20-10m   2300Z, Apr 12 to 2300Z, Apr 14
  ARRL 144 MHz Spring Sprint     1900-2300 local time, Apr 15
  SP DX RTTY Contest             1200Z, Apr 20 to 2400Z, Apr 21
  ARRL 222 MHz Spring Sprint     1900-2300 local time, Apr 23

May, 1996

  ARRL 432 MHz Spring Sprint     1900-2300 local time, May 1
  ARRL 902 MHz Spring Sprint     0600-1300 local time, May 11
  ARRL 1296 MHz Spring Sprint    0600-1300 local time, May 11
  ARRL 2304 MHz Spring Sprint    0600-1300 local time, May 11
  Volta WW RTTY Contest          1200Z, May 11 to 1200Z, May 12
  ARRL 50 MHz Spring Sprint      2300Z May 18 to 0300Z, May 19
  CQWW WPX Contest, CW           0000Z, May 25 to 2400Z, May 26

June, 1996

  RGSB National Field Day, CW    1500Z, Jun 1 to 1500Z, Jun 2
  ANARTS WW RTTY Test            0000Z, Jun 8 to 2400Z, Jun 9
  ARRL June VHF QSO Party        1800Z, Jun 8 to 0300Z, Jun 10
  ARRL Field Day                 1800Z, Jun 22 to 2100Z, Jun 23
  RGSB 1.8 MHz Contest, CW       2100Z, Jun 22 to 0100Z, Jun 23

July, 1996

  World Radiosport Team Champ.   1200Z, Jul 13 to 0600Z, Jul 14
  IARU HF World Championship     1200Z, Jul 13 to 1200Z, Jul 14
  RGSB Low Power Field Day, CW   0900Z-1200Z and 1300Z-1600Z, Jul 14
  RGSB IOTA Contest              1200Z, Jul 27 to 1200Z, Jul 28

August, 1996

  ARRL UHF Contest               1800Z, Aug 3 to 1800Z, Aug 4
  SARTG WW RTTY Contest          0000Z, Aug 17 to 1600Z, Aug 18
  ARRL 10 GHz Cumul. Contest     0800-2000 local time, Aug 17 and Aug 18

September, 1996

  RGSB Field Day IARU Reg 1,SSB  1500Z, Sep 7 to 1500Z, Sep 8
  North American Sprint, CW      0000Z-0400Z, Sep 8
  ARRL September VHF QSO Party   1800Z, Sep 14 to 0300Z, Sep 16
  North American Sprint, Phone   0000Z-0400Z, Sep 15
  ARRL 10 GHz Cumul. Contest     0800-2000 local time, Sep 21 and Sep 22
  CQ Worldwide Contest, RTTY     0000Z, Sep 28 to 2400Z, Sep 29

October, 1996

  RGSB 21/28 MHz Contest, SSB    0700Z-1900Z, Oct 6
  JARTS WW RTTY Contest          0000Z, Oct 19 to 2400Z, Oct 20
  RGSB 21/28 MHz Contest, CW     0700Z-1900Z, Oct 20
  CQ Worldwide Contest, Phone    0000Z, Oct 26 to 2400Z, Oct 27

November, 1996  (U.S hams should note that CQWW is before Thanksgiving)

  ARRL Sweepstakes, CW           2100Z, Nov 2 to 0300Z, Nov 4
  WAE RTTY Contest               1200Z, Nov 9 to 2400Z, Nov 10
  ARRL Sweepstakes, Phone        2100Z, Nov 16 to 0300Z, Nov 18
  RGSB 1.8 MHz Contest, CW       2100Z, Nov 16 to 0100Z, Nov 17
  CQ Worldwide Contest, CW       0000Z, Nov 23 to 2400Z, Nov 24

December, 1996

  ARRL 160-Meter Contest         2200Z,.Dec 6 to 1600Z, Dec 8
  ARRL 10-Meter Contest          0000Z, Dec 14 to 2400Z, Dec 15
  TARA RTTY Sprint               2100Z, Dec 14 to 0100Z, Dec 15

Please send corrections and additions directly to me.  I will
post an updated calendar on a monthly basis.

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM   (bhorn at netcom.com)

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