Mon Dec 11 17:09:04 EST 1995

From: V.LONG.SA at OCGRV02
Date: 12/11/95 4:46PM
To: >INTERNET:cq-contest at at OCF_INFORM
*cc: V.LONG.SA
Subject: ARRL 10M - AA8SM
    Call: AA8SM             Country: USA
                            Category: Multi-op/LP/mixed

    MODE         QSO         QSO PTS          STATES       COUNTRIES
    CW           19             80              9              0
    SSB          55            106             14              3
                 74            186             23              3 = 5,036

    Ops: AA8SM and KB8ZYC

    What can I say, I think its all been said about this one.
    Condx here in Central Ohio were LOUSY!  Better luck in the next
    cycle I guess.

    Thanks to everyone for holding in there with us and completing
    each QSO.

    Yaesu FT-890AT (110 watts), Mosley CL-33 at 40 ft, Compaq 486 laptop
    with CT.

    CT: Had problems switching modes. CT locked-up on us twice, had to
    enter "bogess" (spelling?) calls into it to clear it out of its spell.
    Anyone else experience anything like this.

    CU you all in CQ 160 CW,

    73 Scott AA8SM

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