New Categories - replt to Ray

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Fri Dec 15 09:03:07 EST 1995

In a message dated 95-12-14 04:56:54 EST, you write:

>Once again it must be a difference in philosophy.  In basketball I always
>want to guard the other teams best player.  How can I test myself if I play 
>against someone who has my identical skills. 

If you want to test yourself,  move up to the next higher category.  No
one is making you compete in that category.   If you want to run 50 
watts into a bedspring matress and put your score in the multi multis
By gosh...... I'll support you all the way!!!

Even in your example of basketball,  you are in a category,  Otherwise,
you'll be able to tell me how well you did guarding Penny Hardaway.


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