14001 signal

KR4DL at aol.com KR4DL at aol.com
Mon Dec 18 18:00:52 EST 1995

Doug (N3ADL), Larry (N6AZE), all this haggling is unseemly.  More, it's
inappropriate.  The Southeastern DX Club would only invite members to operate
the new club station during contest weekends.  Perhaps, at a (much) later
date, we will invite you guys to tour the station and guest-op on non-contest
weekends.  Obviously, I can't divulge the location, but suffice to say it's
off the coast of Georgia, making it very convenient for several of our
Larry, we appreciate your effort to pay our utility bills..I'm just curious,
how did you know about the 3 Meg. finals?  We were told the first bill
wouldn't come for another two weeks.  Was it something on the bill?  And
Doug, I'm a bit curious to know how you acquired information about our
antenna array?  Well, at least you didn't notice the beverage for 160.
I'll let you both know when we're accepting visitors.
73,   Steve  SEDXC

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