Losing The Peace

Sean E. Kutzko tigger at prairienet.org
Tue Dec 19 13:19:31 EST 1995

Bruce, AA6KX wrote-

>For starters, I think we can agree that it won't happen as a consequence of
>charity.   If people want to buy from one particular manufacturer just
>because that manufacturer is domestic, then I would call that charity.
> There's nothing wrong with it...but you could do just as much to help an
>American company making noncompetitive products by donating to it as you can
>by going through the ruse of making a consumer purchase.   Just as the
>American auto companies have learned so painfully over the last couple of
>decades, the only long-term solution to foreign competition is learning how
>to make competitive products.  Neither an appeal to the politicians for
>economic protectionism nor an appeal to the public for nationalism will serve
>as a substitute.

Bruce and I share a dramatically different outlook on the role of 
government in the United States, but I aagree with him 100% on this one. 
I feel no obligation to buy a product based on whether or not it was made 
in this country.

When there is a US company that produces a quality radio (Ten Tec 
notwithstanding) that does what I want it to do, and assuming I can 
afford it, I'll buy it. Plain and simple.

I'll avoid comments on Republican congressmen. :)


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