3830 Net Reflector

Steve Sawyers n0yvy sawyers at inav.net
Mon Dec 18 19:21:57 EST 1995

> From:          Steve Steltzer <steve.steltzer at paonline.com>
> Subject:       3830 Net Reflector
> Date:          Sat, 16 Dec 1995 13:41:19 -0000

> I too, enjoy reading everyone's comments etc in their score postings, but I 
> think some of us missed the point. Trey is running this reflector at the 
> good will of his EMPLOYER, tying up THEIR resources. Considering this, I 
> don't see why anyone should object to creation of another reflector to 
> reduce the amount of traffic (and imposition on TGV) here. It just means 
> you subscribe to another list. You'll still get the same data. And, an 
> advantage for those who pay by the byte is they will still get to see the 
> summaries here without all the individual reports and comments.
> 	73, Steve
> 	WF3T

As a guest on their system, I am most willling to abid by any 
restrictions that they may choose to place. My previous post was just 
expressing my desire to the member community to have the scores stay 

If the mail volume is exceeding our welcome, then I agree that some 
alternataives must be considered, and am very willing to subscribe to 
another reflecor for contest scores. Just let me know when and where.

Wha ever the outcome, I think we all should thank TGV for their 

de n0yvy steve

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