nv6o SprINT

Fri Dec 29 12:12:17 EST 1995

At KF6A's-Phil.

2 el 40 pieced together from a couple of old KLM dipoles.

Some kinda broad-band sloper with a couple of (radials?) Phil found in
some magazine or another for 80.

usual River City Contester IC 765

NA ver. 8.* that only sent serial number and calls

fumble fingers on keyer paddle

Sarted with name Blaze.  That came from Phil's pot-bellied pig that has
the run of the house (and shack).

"cq int de NV6O"


"What?  Who?"

Nuzzle Nuzzle, chew chew. (my shoelace tips)

Loud:   N4OGW, K6XO.

101 q'S, only 16 on 80.  Got the benefit of neighbors Xmas lights and
controllers.  Mucho QRM.

Had a blast again.  One of these days I'll do a contest with out pigs
and/or mariachi bands.

Eric, NV6O
edwoods at pacbell.com

>From py5eg at sul.com.br (Atilano de Oms Sobrinho)  Fri Dec 29 20:18:36 1995
From: py5eg at sul.com.br (Atilano de Oms Sobrinho) (Atilano de Oms Sobrinho)
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 18:18:36 -0200
Message-ID: <199512292017.SAA01484 at www.sul.com.br>

ZW5B, station from Araucaria Dx Group have been operated on 
the CQWW contest SSB and CW.

SSB - Operated by PY5EG (OMS) single band single op. 15 meters
          QSOs    PTs       ZONES       COUNTRIES  SCORE
          4438    13115        34               148              2.396.930

CW   - Operated by LU6BEG single band single op. 15 meters
          2983                      36                131            1.476.113

                                 Thanks to everybody

                                       PY5EG (OMS)           

>From George Cutsogeorge <0006354141 at mcimail.com>  Fri Dec 29 21:19:00 1995
From: George Cutsogeorge <0006354141 at mcimail.com> (George Cutsogeorge)
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 95 16:19 EST
Subject: Low band condx.
Message-ID: <94951229211949/0006354141PK2EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

The enhanced low band conditions at this time of year are
due to the winter solstice and lasts about 2 weeks each
side of December 21.  Even during the middle of the daylight
hours the first hop can hit darkness on northern polar paths.
In Oregon we are working JAs and Eastern Europe between
2 and 3 PM local on 40 meters via short path.

George, W2VJN.

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